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Payout Account Tax Id Verification Error

For the last week or so, I get the error "Tax ID verification is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." when attempting to setup a payout account in the dev dashboard. This onlys happens for EINs, individual ids don't cause errors. In my c...

Users cannot redeem Product Key

Our users cannot redeem the Product Keys created from the developer dashboard:[appid]/oculus-keys/ The previously working process was to visit page: and enter th...

Big headaches, easy fix

Hello, I need to talk about using Quest3 for education purposes. I'm the IT guy in a public high school and we bought 5 headsets as a starter. I'm having a few problems on securing the device and the UI. We want to buy more headsets but I will wait b...

ESDO.001 by Honored Guest
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Meta Messaging Dashboard

Will there ever be a dashboard created with Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s and Whatsapp combined? Since Meta owns all these platforms will they ever combine all messages in a singular dashboard for easy access? Instead of opening all the differen...

Nca3001 by Honored Guest
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Bug in the oculus developer dashboard

Hello, I am facing an issue where I can't access our test users. I contacted support via the Zendesk platform and they say it seems to be a bug, but they can't do anything about it and suggested I post here for a possible solution. Would someone have...

Build stuck on "Malware Test" for days

Hi,We have uploaded a new build to the RC channel of one of our live apps, but it has been stuck on "Running Malware Review Test" since Friday. I have attached a screenshot below:I hoped this was just a visual bug but when trying to push it to the Pr...


Updating Cover Art and visual assets

I see that the submission process has been redesigned so the help documents are out of date on this topic. My team would like to simply update our Store Page Cover Art and assets for a visual redesign but the Oculus Dashboard does not let us submit t...

tsickle by Honored Guest
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