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People app - access from a computer

Hi everyone, I'm trying to access the Oculus platform, specifically the people app and be able to login a user from the exterior of the headset and use Deep Links to be able to communicate an app with the rest of the metaverse (to any android, iOS, o...

Converting PWA App into Meta Quest APP

I have launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) for my website Then, using PWABuilder, I converted my app into an Android APP and launched the same on the Android Play Store which is live now. I also came across an option on PWABuilde...

Resolved! Hand tracking update root scale not working

I'm trying to use Hand tracking in my app and no matter what the Hand scale stays at one event with a friends hands that are much smaller.After some investigation, and a lot of debugging, I found that the hand scale is calculated for the first frame ...

PWA on Quest

I've been experimenting a bit with PWAs and tried to build and install one on my Quest. I notice some posts here with questions (about failures when following the docs) and I'm guessing the same will happen to me. So far I've tried several utilities ...

Ping data overlay

Hi.Fairly new to development and I am stuck with a project.I am trying to develop a program that displays Network information to the user (ping, jitter, packet loss etc.) . I would like this to be able to run over any 3d application in real time Simi...

Is there a way to access the photos taken on oculus

I am currently working on the very first implementation for my research project. I want to sync my photos taken on oculus to the cloud and access those photos through python on my PC. I am assuming that the syncing part is taken care of automatically...

Badends by Honored Guest
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Getting version of core apps

Hi,I'm currently trying to figure out how to list all versions of an Core App via the GraphQL Api (or some other api).I've found the app ids of the Core Apps (e. g. 519080484913803) However the normal requests you'd use for an app like Beat Saber (24...

Just lost

Hello everyone! I'm seeking advice from someone well-versed in using adb with Oculus apps. Specifically, I'd like to manage tasks such as initiating video recording, capturing photos, and other interesting functionalities. While I've gained some unde...

Resolved! How to seat avatars

Hi,I am building an Oculus app where similar to workrooms I want to have avatars seated on objects. I have tried this but the avatar always seems to be standing on the object. I have tried to calculate an offset to compensate but it is inconsistent. ...

brosenoff by Honored Guest
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Launching Meta Quest TV through intents

Hi all,I am trying to have a native application launch the TV app to play a 3D 360 video (I know this may sound unusual, but I really need it to work this way!). For this, I need to be able to trigger an Android Intent with all the information necess...

tazougphi by Honored Guest
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XR Developers Resource Guide

authorTom/ultimate-XR-dev-guide: A development resource list for all things XR ('ve created this list for personal reference, I hope you find it as useful as I have (I want to give back a little to the community). I have tried to make it ...

Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

Attempting to use federated access for multi platform

I'm trying to get a user to see if it exists using the end point'{app-id}/federated_user/'With an access_token query parameter added to it and persistent_id query parameter added to it, with the app-id replaced with the feder...

tom_fv by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to Download Asset Files not Marked as Required

When uploading a build to the developer hub, you can mark assets as required. If you don't mark assets as required, they will not be downloaded. Are non required asset files never downloaded? Or is there a way to download them. In one of my builds, 3...