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Master Thesis (fake profile problematic)

Hello everyone,I'm a computer science student at the University of Namur (Belgium).During this academic year, I conducted a systematic literature review (SLR) on the issue of fake profiles (focused on detection systems).I would like to continue on th...

Where to begin?

Hi All,Now, I want to ask you all a question. I am NOT a developer however, I want to learn how to build apps for Meta Quest.I am a teacher who is getting into VR (for my class) and I want to teach students how to build/programme for their VR. If I g...

need advice on online education platform

we have a small team building medical training for doctors in hospital question: after building the XR scene with unity/openxr, what is the best practice to integrate XR program with online course platform? is openEdx a good online education platform...

Manchi.L by Honored Guest
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What are your future Plans for 360 Videographers

Just curious what your future plans are for 360 Video Developers like me. I have hundreds of thousands of watch time on your platform, but you keep expecting content for free. Pico pays me for content, YouTube pays me for content, but I am thousands ...

backwards compatibility

would love to see a future interest in developing backwards compatibility between headsets i owned a rift and rift s before and upgraded to a quest 2 but none of the rift games are compatible with the quest. in order to play those same games i would ...

XR Developers Resource Guide

authorTom/ultimate-XR-dev-guide: A development resource list for all things XR ('ve created this list for personal reference, I hope you find it as useful as I have (I want to give back a little to the community). I have tried to make it ...

OQ2 in school, all levels

VR in schools is an important educational step. Meta/Oculus need to provide a way to handle this situation better than the business accounts. My suggestion: allow the creation of ONE FB-account for a large number (35, like a large class?) and charge ...

korre22 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go + browser + videos won't play

Apologies in advance I'm not familiar with how things work around here but I was hoping someone could answer if not resolve the issue I'm having whenever I try to play a video in the oculus browser and the Firefox browser. When the video starts to lo...

Opening LINKS inside OCULUS from PC QR CODES

Hi! I am working on an application, and I am trying to boost the user experience. My users mainly use the PC to work, but at some point in the workflow they need to use the OCULUS to see some content in an immersive way. I would love to show a QR cod...

Developer mode permissions

I am brand new to the Occulus quest 2. Our school purchased some that are checked out like books to students. Recently a student asked if we could switch one of the four we check out (that are all logged into our schools FB account!) to developer mod...

Reed-PARC by Honored Guest
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