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EMERGENCY our game is down!

We have time left before a data policy use checkup needed to be updated. We filled out the change and submitted it, well it instantly FAILED is and the submission due date now says DECEMBER 1970!.Our users CANNOT properly login right now because of t...

Cant access Developer mode.

Hey guys, im unable to access developer mod and the meta page makes it kinda impossible to verify my account and create an organization, i've tried everything, payment and phone code method wont work and the verification app isn't accepted as real ve...

Build Upload Failed

I am having a problem uploading the latest build for my game to the Alpha channel. I've found several similar posts, but in each of those there's at least some sort of error information. Here's what I get...Not a lot to go on there. In case it's some...


Not able to upload a build to the app - PWA

Hey all, when I try to upload a build / APK to the app I created (it should be PWA), It shows errors like: 1. APK has no main activity defined in the manifest 2. GLES version not specified 3. The focus aware manifest meta-data tag should be set with ...

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