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People app - access from a computer

Hi everyone, I'm trying to access the Oculus platform, specifically the people app and be able to login a user from the exterior of the headset and use Deep Links to be able to communicate an app with the rest of the metaverse (to any android, iOS, o...

Converting PWA App into Meta Quest APP

I have launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) for my website Then, using PWABuilder, I converted my app into an Android APP and launched the same on the Android Play Store which is live now. I also came across an option on PWABuilde...

Passthrough and hand tracking, hand size

Hi,I managed to use both hand tracking and passthrough with new Unity2021.2.5, OculusXR plugin 1.11.0, XR Plugin Management 4.2.0. But the hands are smaller then my own hands. OVR Custom Skelteon script with update root scale seams to do nothing.Is ...

kshaja by Explorer
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Big headaches, easy fix

Hello, I need to talk about using Quest3 for education purposes. I'm the IT guy in a public high school and we bought 5 headsets as a starter. I'm having a few problems on securing the device and the UI. We want to buy more headsets but I will wait b...

ESDO.001 by Honored Guest
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Please let us developers access the cameras

Please permit us developers access to the cameras/pass through texture/mesh. We can make cool mixed reality apps with that. Privacy is not an issue because you can implement a permission that asks the user if he allows it. Many big companies do it li...

Meta Ray Ban to PC

Man super disappointed that the glasses can’t connect to my PC. My old razor did but the sound wasn’t great. I work from home and thought it’s perfect for meetings. Prob going to return it now. So stupid to limit it. Is it capable for over the air up...

J2common by Honored Guest
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APK Failing to Install with MQDH

When my project was suddenly unable to install successfully, MQDH had no hints for me as to what the problem could be. I've been working on this project for some time, so it came as quite a surprise that it would suddenly not install, and all I got f...

Intel Arc A770 support???

Why the heck is Intel Arc not supported?? I want a refund, I want to give back my Quest 2 as the App doesn´t support Intel Arc!! Meta, we NEED Intel Arc GPU support, NOW!!! Just give us the **bleep** support for Intel GPUs and Im happy! OK??

backwards compatibility

would love to see a future interest in developing backwards compatibility between headsets i owned a rift and rift s before and upgraded to a quest 2 but none of the rift games are compatible with the quest. in order to play those same games i would ...

Love Echo

Adding my support for RAD and echo VR. THE game I play, but also a community that’s actually working in the metaverse. We’re all sad to see it go, and hope you let us know what’s coming next

Alburn_ by Honored Guest
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Echo Arena Shut down

Hey, Im blank56 aka domie. I've played Echo Arena for 3+ years and have made so many memories and friends on this game, it still is growing and the community is stronger then ever so why shut it down? There are many ways to make more profit off of it...

Blank56 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset. I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset. The results have been somewhat inconsistent. When paired properly, it should...

Power button too sensitive

It feels more like a touch sensor than an actual button. All the time, I grab the headset to adjust it and the slightest touch stops my game and takes me to a different screen of options. Most humans have the ability to press harder for an actual but...

Anistad by Honored Guest
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2D App and Passthrough Issues Since v44 & v46

Since the v44 update, I have experienced repeated frame-dropping after several minutes of using the Passthrough environment. By frame-dropping, I mean the real-world view chops around at maybe a couple of frames per second. This occurs most frequentl...