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Metaverse integrations

hello folks,I am particularly interested in the technical aspects of your Meta's Metaverse platform integration, and I would like to inquire about the 2 features:• It is possible to connect/ recall Web-Views (iFrames) in metaverse scenes? The underly...

filo00 by Honored Guest
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If Q2,Q3 ok, it's systematic on Quest Pro ?

Hi everybodyIs a tool which function correctly on Q2 and Q3 will systematically function on Quest Pro please. It's about a project on the way for applab. The particularity is that only hand-tracking is used...Thks by advance for your interest, Serge ...

Transfer rates and connections

From a PC perspective, DisplayPort 1.4 seems to have the best transfer rates, would the connection not fit in the headset, or too much code to load to utilise the PC power (CPU/GFX etc)? I feel there is quite a big market there for average PCs like m...

Custom Meta Quest 2 controller development

Hi there! We are developing a custom controller for Meta Quest 2 and would like to know how to contact Meta with a business possibility? I cannot find any relevant contact info for such purpose...Thank you for any help in advance!

BeniMano by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Newbee Quest developer hardware questions

I have just recently purchased a new meta quest 2 256GB headset, and one of the things I wanted to do with it is to try my hand at developing software for it. But, I have a computer that is a bit older, although I feel it should be perfectly capable....

Formfitting Controllers

So I'm writing this after playing Pistol Whip, and I gotta say my ring and pinkie fingers hurt a lot, is there anyway we can ask for a controller with a grip that's a bit more form-fitting? I think I'd be happier if maybe there's some sort of indent ...


I just got done with tech support and was informed that my video card is not supported and that is why I have been experiencing freezes and getting the error message that says my computer doesn't meet the updated requirements.I just built this rig 6 ...

Full Hand Motion Capture for User Interface

After a quick search for this suggestion, I have not found anything about it so if this is a repeat idea, let me know.For more effective in game hand control on the Oculus, you could outfit the VR headset with a front facing camera using a fish-eye l...

Left controller wont pair to headset

My left controller won't pair to my headset on the app on my phone my right controller works just fine but yet my left won't does anybody know a solution to this problem please I want to go back to a VR content creator but it's hard to do it without ...