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Resolved! VrApi closes instantaneously ......

I installed the VrApi Capture application on my new PC (ADB is well installed with the last version). The app recognizes my headset, I can locked it and and when I press start, after 1 or 2 second, it closes the app. I did the same install in another...

Metaverse integrations

hello folks,I am particularly interested in the technical aspects of your Meta's Metaverse platform integration, and I would like to inquire about the 2 features:• It is possible to connect/ recall Web-Views (iFrames) in metaverse scenes? The underly...

filo00 by Honored Guest
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Piece of crap

This is by far the sorriest piece of hardware I have ever thrown money on. I stopped using it for a couple of months and now that I try to log in to my account I find that Icant. Something about logging into my Facebook account and horizon profile cr...

Kleer1970 by Honored Guest
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Video Recording Tools

It would be great to have a few more video recording tools. The most basic tool I'm currently looking for is safe titles. A digital box that would appear when i begin to record and shows me whats in frame and If my headset is level or not. There are ...

ElwoodENT by Honored Guest
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