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IAP purchase callback fail what to do?

So if we get a failed purchase callback how are we supposed to know if the person was charged? Because we assumed if it was a failed callback that meant that the person was not charged. However we did get a failed callback and then got contacted by t...

User Id used for IAP S2S REST Requests

Hi Support, For IAP S2S requests in this doc: 1. Verify Item OwnerShip: there is no user id in the request, is this intended? if yes, how will oculus identify the user?curl -d "access_toke...

ward1992 by Honored Guest
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DLCs vs IAPs

Can someone provide some clarity on how Meta differentiates between DLCs and IAPs? I had always thought DLCs = expansion packs, extra levels, etc and IAPs were like in-game currency, skins, etc. However, the way Oculus' documentation describes it mak...

Consuming a Previous Purchase

So, we're testing our app, and we're noticing that some users are failing to receive the callback for their consumable purchase. What I'd like to know is... what options are there for getting a list of purchased consumables that haven't been consumed...

Oculus IAP Issue, OrderID=0 Always!

Hey! I am facing an IAP Issue.When the tester try to test the Oculus IAP and complete the payment.They will receive the order record(with order id ) in the Oculus Order List at the also receive an email from Oc...

Floriisxx by Honored Guest
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Supported Currencies for In-App Purchases

Where can I find a full list of currencies that are supported by Quest for IAP? The docs state that "The IAP item will be converted to the local user’s preferred currency at the time of purchase" but I cannot find a list of:The supported currenciesTh...

vamorafa by Honored Guest
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