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Developer Account - SMS Verification Issue

Hi. I can't receive the verification code through message for validation of developer account. This is although I have tried different numbers and have waited more than one day. I am in Portugal and using a Portuguese phone number. Any help would be ...

DarqXR by Honored Guest
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Issues with IAP.

I have a script that handles IAP purchasesThe button works when I press it, the SKU is set the "menu" and so is an item in meta named "menu".there is also an item named "menu" in playfab and in unity and in the "special items" section.After the purch...

NFlex by Honored Guest
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MRUK not found despite it being created...?

I'm currently using Quest 3 v62 (now v63) and Unity 2022.3.10f1.Working on a random spawn mechanic in the MR environment where objects can spawn on the ceiling. The feature worked fine when I tested it on Unity Playtest, but once I built it on the st...

Jimmyd314 by Honored Guest
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1 Game Not Working

I've been playing Mothergunship: Forge. It was working fine earlier today. I tried to open it today, and it shows the name of the game and then goes black. Game does not run. I've tried restarting the system, uninstalled and reinstalled the game a co...

Brinck13 by Honored Guest
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Passthrough and hand tracking, hand size

Hi,I managed to use both hand tracking and passthrough with new Unity2021.2.5, OculusXR plugin 1.11.0, XR Plugin Management 4.2.0. But the hands are smaller then my own hands. OVR Custom Skelteon script with update root scale seams to do nothing.Is ...

kshaja by Explorer
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Entitlement check failed

All of this morning I'm getting "Entitlement check failed" intermittently and in the MQDH I'm seeing "not published" and published turning on and off randomly? Any idea how and why this is occuring? Thanks


Moving Oculus Store app to App Lab

Hello,I created an app under Quest (Store) when it should of actually been App Lab. This app is still in Alpha. How can I move this application to App Lab without creating a new application? I'd like to keep the same name, but I'm unable to do so try...

Klmartin by Honored Guest
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2 Factor Authentication Help

I’m trying to create a developer account for modding, but I’m stuck in the 2 Factor Authentication step. Even though I entered my phone number correctly, I’m not receiving the 6-digit SMS code. It’s been over an hour.

How do I turn off MSAA dither

Does anybody know what causes the dithering when alpha coverage is enabledIs it a bug?16-18 levels of dithering can be seen on Unity, URP, Vulkan, Multiview AlphaToMask On float4 Fragment() : SV_Target { return float4(1,1,1,TEST); }  


Meta Quest Media Studio - How Do I View Drafts?

I've uploaded a draft video to the Meta Quest Media Studio. The Documentation seems woefully out of date as it references the Go:Selecting "Save as Draft" will allow only other people in your Oculus Organization to preview and review the content in h...

Beta Cast 2.0 Wireless, casting longer more laggy

Hi there,Since Meta Quest Developer Hub for Windows fixed non-English Windows can't use cast 2.0.I found the cast stream always get laggy or heavy frame skip at 8 or 9 minutes after cast started, tried all options but no help.I guess it maybe somethi...

Can't create a new release channel

Hi, I am trying to create an additional release channel for one of our apps and I get an error. I've opened a ticked with Meta dev support team but apparently they can't help. Anyone has any ideas why this is happening/ how it can be fixed? (error at...


Please let us developers access the cameras

Please permit us developers access to the cameras/pass through texture/mesh. We can make cool mixed reality apps with that. Privacy is not an issue because you can implement a permission that asks the user if he allows it. Many big companies do it li...

Je n'arrive pas a acheter un jeux

Bonjour, j'ai entré sur l'application meta quest une carte de crédit prépayée Mastercard Joker et lorsque j'achète un jeux il y a un message qui s'affiche me disant que la carte a été refusé pourtant, la carte est belle et bien activer et elle compor...

MGrognon by Honored Guest
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Meta Ray Ban to PC

Man super disappointed that the glasses can’t connect to my PC. My old razor did but the sound wasn’t great. I work from home and thought it’s perfect for meetings. Prob going to return it now. So stupid to limit it. Is it capable for over the air up...

J2common by Honored Guest
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APK Failing to Install with MQDH

When my project was suddenly unable to install successfully, MQDH had no hints for me as to what the problem could be. I've been working on this project for some time, so it came as quite a surprise that it would suddenly not install, and all I got f...

Customer Cant Complete Purchase

Hello,We received an email from our user regarding an issue they experienced with in-app purchases. What suggestions can we offer to help resolve this issue?"I have installed the mindway app on my quest 3 and tried to sign up to a membership plan usi...

mindwayvr by Honored Guest
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Meta Ray ban

Good morning fellas, I bought the new Meta Rayban yesterday and I find them much better than the old ones I only have one problem, from the settings you can connect a Whatsapp account for messages etc etc, the problem is that I use Whatsapp business ...