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App Distribution Upload Issues: DevPost

Hi,Posted this earlier in the general Forum and discovered this may be a better place for help.I'm attempting to Upload a build to my Alpha Channel via the Meta Quest Developer Hub but it keeps failing.Below is the Error message:Error: An unexpected ...


can not "Create Organization"

Hello, if i follow your process to and try to create Organiaztion it shows "Unable to Load Content Check your URL and try again."if i try to "Verify Your Ocu...

dAndy_AT by Level 2
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Account doesn't get verified

I already went out to ask the support for help and I was told I should ask here for help.My account cannot be verified, I used the 2 Way Authentication method, it shows me that I have it on, but I cannot acess any Organizations and it still tells me ...

SvendYT by Level 2
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Can't get the SceneModel

Hey guys. I'm having an issue of pulling the SceneModel (Room that I have Setup) from any of the scenes in the The World beyond that use the OVRSceneManager to load the SceneModel. I've been using TheWorldBeyond (

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Resolved! Meta Quest Developer Hub shows blank screen.

I installed the Meta Quest Developer Hub to test a few personal projects of mine on different settings, but it seems to show a blank (black) screen. Reinstalling whether by running the installation file again, or by completely removing all data of th...

Home not loading images through _import folder

Hello. I was directed to you by the oculus support team. They said my issue could not be fixed through them.Since September 2022 my Oculus Home will not load 3D items from my _Import folder. New , old, and Adobe Medium generated 3D files in the glb f...

Tablet casting causes a flashing gray box

I've been using my tablet to cast to my quest 2 with the oculus app perfectly fine for a while but for some reason when I cast now the screen goes gray and changes sizes constantly. Is this issue fixable? I am on a Galaxy a7 tab lite if that helps.

Hgdd_ by Level 2
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app failing to load for a single user

Hi,We have been developing an app and have recently started alpha testing. Most of our testers are in the UK and the app has been running fine, however we have one tester in Bahrain who's app seems to stay on the loading screen (3 white dots) and it ...

Headset is softlocked

I had this problem a long time ago, but never resolved it because I didn't need to. Now that Meta requires me to add a device or whatever to my email, nothing works anymore.I log into my email through meta and says "Your account is already linked to ...

kkye777 by Level 2
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If you use the oculus sdk to develop a cross-platform VR, including ordinary PC, either PCVR or PC application

Piece of crap

This is by far the sorriest piece of hardware I have ever thrown money on. I stopped using it for a couple of months and now that I try to log in to my account I find that Icant. Something about logging into my Facebook account and horizon profile cr...

No Help from META/OCULUS developer mode

Hello,I opened 2 tickets (Meta Quest Support then is impossible for me to activate the developer mode (even after the updates of quest 2, Oculus iOS and Windows apps, implementation of the double authentication). I me...

Mexik1 by Level 3
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Developer Mode Issues Update

Hello everyone, Thank you all for your reports and your patience on this issue! In regards to developers being unable to enable Developer Mode in the Oculus app, a new update has been pushed to fix the issue. Please update your Oculus app to the late...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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Merged developer account problems

My FB login for my developer account is no longer working and the horizon account is not allowing login either. These accounts are also not showing as developer accounts anymore on the mobile app. Created a new meta account using old Oculus email to ...

REPSVR by Level 2
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User autentication not working [Help]

I have been a loong time using this code, and everything worked fine, but now suddenly its not working i haven't changed anything and now it says there is an invalid parameter??Whats happening maybe oculus has changed it?What should i do i need this ...

Extrys by Level 3
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Oculus IAP Issue, OrderID=0 Always!

Hey! I am facing an IAP Issue.When the tester try to test the Oculus IAP and complete the payment.They will receive the order record(with order id ) in the Oculus Order List at the also receive an email from Oc...


Unity iOS build error with

Unity 2020.3, iOS build.Oculus Integration 46,XCode 14.iPhone 16.1I am trying to build a cross-platform app. The iOS build includes the Oculus library even though I don't use Oculus functions. In the iOS build, the misses +x attribut...

Rimag by Level 2
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Preview Apps Not Appearing

I recently got an invite email from my employer to install a pre-release version of a game we're working on. I clicked the link in the email, which took me to a login page. Upon logging in, I was taken to a page that said "Congrats! You can now find ...

Sciion_0-1666916896645.png Sciion_1-1666916896579.png
Sciion by Level 3
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2D App and Passthrough Issues Since v44 & v46

Since the v44 update, I have experienced repeated frame-dropping after several minutes of using the Passthrough environment. By frame-dropping, I mean the real-world view chops around at maybe a couple of frames per second. This occurs most frequentl...