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Cant press upload on developer hub

So, my game has been inactive of updates for a while for the reason of I can't seem to upload a build without some kind of error and when I fix it I get a new one. Now I try to upload a build again but to my surprise I cant press the upload button. T...


intel Arc A770 not supported

Has there been any word on the Oculus app supporting the Arc GPU's or that theyre working on adding support? I've been running with Steam VR through VD and it's been a champ.

handtracking stopped working on Air link

After upgrading GPU from GTX 1650 to RTX 3060 the handtracking stopped working in Air link, it used to work normally. I have tried changing options, start with disconnected controls, use handtracking to access the airlink, but in all cases handtracki...

durakan by Level 2
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Did ASW get broken lately?

Hello, I've the weirdest issue and it suddenly (well, at least I don't know what's causing it) appeared: ASW is triggering horrible artifacts, mostly on plain background. Video of the issue: - It happens on every game I've...