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intel Arc A770 not supported

Has there been any word on the Oculus app supporting the Arc GPU's or that theyre working on adding support? I've been running with Steam VR through VD and it's been a champ.

BU5DRV3R by Honored Guest
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Render resolution vs. app res in ODT overlay

Hi! When I display the performance overlay in oculus debug tool the displayed app res is larger than the render resolution set by the meta quest link tool. Is this because render resolution in link tool is meant to be the resolution after lens correc...

Phase Sync recently not working on v65

Hello, so I've been using Phase Sync due to my tracking being a bit delayed which i can feel, and i am used to the way phase sync is, but i had to factory reset my headset recently and ever since then phase sync hasnt worked, here are the adb props t...

Can not add user via Release channel

We are UbiSim, a vendor on Applab, and that we have a client that we're trying to send release channel email invites to via the Meta developer page, but we are receiving an error that reads, 'We couldn't find anyone with the Oculus emails... etc." We...

Cannot change/edit Immersive Image Layer Assets

Hey everyone, we have a new VR game coming out and with this launch, we wanted to update our assets within the Metadata.For some strange reason we cannot find the current Immersive Image Assets, nor can we change/upload new assets specifically for th...

GBazzoni by Honored Guest
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Hello, I am working on a commercial application that would benefit greatly from being able to disable the Boundary guardian permanently while the application is running.Is there any information on how to get apps whitelisted for this feature when usi...

Atlatldev by Honored Guest
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Set HDR enabled/disabled at runtime?

Passthrough still won't works (black screen) if HDR is enabled in the render pipeline asset settings,so I must build the project with HDR disabled.How can I activate HDR when the passthrough stage is done to get post processing effects on ?Actually I...

Particle to Particle Collision

I'm having a hard time creating a particle-to-particle collision. I have two particles named Foam and Fire. The Foam particle will put out the fire whenever it collides. How can I do this? I cannot figure it out if my issues are in the module of each...

Subscription Documentation has expired link

On the documentation for subscriptions here, there is a link when talking about Entitlement checks. It says:Don’t show customers a subscription plan as IAP if they already purchased it from the PDP. Your app should do an entitlement check to determin...

Resolved! Timeout resolving device scoped access token

Me and Our Team has some problem about account.It's very similar to this case : developing with Meta Quest2 and I use recent OSThese are the...

Privacy policy review DUC

I logged onto the Meta Developer Website And went to my game and it gave me this Requirement and I cant find a Fix. Action RequiredAssessment StatusComplete important compliance item for your app.Upcoming enforcementAn upcoming enforcement is not yet...

UE5 Shared Spaces + Shared Spatial Anchors

Hey there,I'm currently facing a challenge while attempting to combine the SharedSpaces and SharedSpatialAnchors Templates. The issue arises when trying to integrate the framework of SharedSpaces into the sharedspatialanchors template, or vice versa....

GIIIPFEL by Explorer
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