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Hello, I am working on a commercial application that would benefit greatly from being able to disable the Boundary guardian permanently while the application is running.Is there any information on how to get apps whitelisted for this feature when usi...

Atlatldev by Honored Guest
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Developer mode/ verification issues

Hi, i want to activate developer Mode on my meta quest 3. To create an organization i have to verify my account. If i add my Creditcard, it says "verification successful " for a second and then it asks me to verify again and my cc Details are gone. T...

RapaStmk by Honored Guest
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Oculus mirror - keeping new settings

HI all. I hope someone can assist. I often use the image stabilisation and a few other settings which I'd like to have as the default once mirror loads. I have tried the --loadsettings in the command line, however there is no settings file saved afte...

Subscription Documentation has expired link

On the documentation for subscriptions here, there is a link when talking about Entitlement checks. It says:Don’t show customers a subscription plan as IAP if they already purchased it from the PDP. Your app should do an entitlement check to determin...

Help with motion sickness in VR application

Hello. I am creating a VR application that simulates a visual search task. People are required to "walk along" a linear path. The "walking" is simulated, rather than real walking. Meaning that the person is sitting down and only moves forward along t...

Digital Binocular using Quest 3 - Where to start?

Hello everyoneI'd like to attach two usb cameras to my quest 3 and turn it into a binocular.Actually I want the passthrough feature, just with better cameras.My software project could be boiled down to a single line of code:quest_display.draw(camera....

gabi2024 by Honored Guest
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Audio not capturing in OBS Studio

I have installed Meta Quest Developer Hub and am using it to cast. Well attempting to anyway. But the audio is not picked up. I have set both the Desktop Audio to Headphones (Oculus Virtual Audio Device) and the Mic/Auxiliary Audio to Headset Microph...

OBS Studio sound settings.jpg
Massacher by Heroic Explorer
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Is it possible to build a Quest app with macOS?

With the Vision Pro out I know Meta does need developers and I do see Quest 3 as a better value for money. I am curious to know if it is possible to develop Quest 3 apps on the Mac or is WebXR the only path? Tons of developers that are non-game devs ...

jazilzaim by Honored Guest
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3D Models of Meta Quest3 controllers

Hello, I have a game that was built for Quest 2 and I am now trying to make it also works on Quest 3.To update it for Quest 3 I need a 3d model of the Quest 3 controllers, does anyone have it? has it been released officially?Thanks!!

byronWu by Honored Guest
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VR viewer

Hi all,I'm very new to the whole VR headset thing. I'm trying to have a workflow where I render in V-ray and present the images on the Meta Quest 3 headset.From V-Ray I can export either VR cube map or VR Spherical Panorama. But in which app can I vi...