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Render resolution vs. app res in ODT overlay

Hi! When I display the performance overlay in oculus debug tool the displayed app res is larger than the render resolution set by the meta quest link tool. Is this because render resolution in link tool is meant to be the resolution after lens correc...

Can not add user via Release channel

We are UbiSim, a vendor on Applab, and that we have a client that we're trying to send release channel email invites to via the Meta developer page, but we are receiving an error that reads, 'We couldn't find anyone with the Oculus emails... etc." We...

Unable to travel

I created a bot to play music in my world. I first tried my not-so-great desktop with 8G RAM and oculus desktop yet horizon runs fine. I can travel to worlds without a problem. My issue was that my music buffered too much with my desktop so then I in...

ReeLiveDJ by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro Camera or Passthrough Live Feed Access

I am working on an app where I want to show the same what we are seeing on another screen (GameObject inside the VR Scene). How Can I do it? Is this even possible?In the worst case, Even If I am able to access the camera feed it will work. I can just...

Voice SDK not working in quest pro

Hi I want to use voice sdk to capture the person's voice and then translate it to text. I'm trying to use voice sdk in quest pro, i'm getting an error that dictator not initialised , when i try the build on windows it works fine. I have tried to foll...

Manage Multiple Windows with adb

MQDH has a open browser option. However, the browser always opens in the main central window. This can be achieved over adb as: am start -n com.oculus.vrshell/.MainActivity -a android.intent.action.MAIN -d apk://com.oculus.browser -e uri "

lucosias by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro Eye Tracking Specs

Wondering if anyone here, or at Meta, is able to give any details on the specifications of the eye tracking hardware the Quest Pro uses. We are wanting to conduct some studies but are unable to continue with Quest Pro hardware if Meta will not disclo...

MrRaNd0m by Honored Guest
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Is Magic Room free to use in Meta Quest Pro?

My company is looking forward to using the Meta Quest Pro for design review purposes.Is the Magic Room feature of Meta Quest Pro a free to use feature?If not, what is its pricing?Also is there some package that I can use to build an application based...

gkay1 by Honored Guest
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Strange developer mode state

I wanted to try eye tracking foveated rendering with the OpenXR Toolkit, but I think I've discovered that I have a strange state in my developer mode: even if I disable it via app, the developer menu remains present in the Quest setting menu.Is there...