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Build and Run hello_xr Sample App Error

PS D:\OpenXR-SDK-Source-main\build\win64> cmake -G "Visual Studio 17 2022" -A x64 ..\..-- Selecting Windows SDK version 10.0.19041.0 to target Windows 10.0.22631.-- Enabling OpenGL support-- Could NOT find Vulkan (missing: Vulkan_LIBRARY Vulkan_INCLU...

BGBGDGD by Honored Guest
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Current state of the native developer SDK?

I'm not clear on what the current state of the Oculus SDK is. I have read they switched over to OpenXR and discontinued the native SDK, but then I see documentation on a PC SDK here: imm...

Getting version of core apps

Hi,I'm currently trying to figure out how to list all versions of an Core App via the GraphQL Api (or some other api).I've found the app ids of the Core Apps (e. g. 519080484913803) However the normal requests you'd use for an app like Beat Saber (24...

Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

Supported Currencies for In-App Purchases

Where can I find a full list of currencies that are supported by Quest for IAP? The docs state that "The IAP item will be converted to the local user’s preferred currency at the time of purchase" but I cannot find a list of:The supported currenciesTh...

vamorafa by Honored Guest
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