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Hello! I'm having trouble with user identification.

Authentification request sends Oculus User ID: 0 even though all permissions are valid in developer dashbpard. My code: using Oculus.Platform;using Oculus.Platform.Models;using UnityEngine;public class UserIdentification : MonoBehaviour{private void ...

Taivas by Protege
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How Does App Submitting Works

Hi, I am just getting into developing an app for Oculus Quest 2 and I eventually want to submit my app to the Meta Quest Store. I found information about the VRC guidelines (here, but I want ...

csllab by Honored Guest
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Oculus SSO 404 Page not found

Hello, I'm trying to implement SSO for the web page of our quest2 game but I keep getting a Page Not Found error when I try to access with my redirect uri and organization id anybody else having this issue? or what am I m...

menguzat by Explorer
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Hand Tracking Bone Position

I need to be able to access the hand tracking bone ID data and save it for offline analysis. I have seen that it can be retrieved from the hand information as an OVRSkeleton list but I would like to extract that information to use later on. So, I nee...

Oculus go controller for sale?

My late father bought me this oculus go headset for Christmas in 2019 the controller went out on me a couple of days ago and they no longer sell replacements ebay has 1 for a 100 dollars but I’m currently in the midst of moving 18 hours across countr...

CntBe2hi by Honored Guest
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