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Retrieve a list of Games in user's Oculus Library?

hi,I've been working on a Discord Bot to help users find other users in the same discord server that own a specified game (an LFG bot)So far I've only implemented this with steam, and by popular demand, I'm now investigating if i can add the meta gam...

Vulps22 by Honored Guest
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marketplace has no feelings

What would happen if all Facebook users could feel more united to their website, making it different but not so different from a conventional profile but with editable sections, so that users can design, distribute and categorize each and every aspec...

Sin título.png
leaaanj by Honored Guest
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Converting PWA App into Meta Quest APP

I have launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) for my website Then, using PWABuilder, I converted my app into an Android APP and launched the same on the Android Play Store which is live now. I also came across an option on PWABuilde...

Age requirement for beta invitations

I verified my age like 6 months ago (Im 16), and now it has become impossible for me to test my own apps OR my friends game. This is strange because his game is rated teen, but it blocks me and says I need to be 18??? Need help figuring this out sinc...

kart by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024

This was a lot of fun last year. This time around there's more of an MR focus (submissions need to have at least one MR capability, like Passthrough, Spatial Anchors, Scene, Mesh, Depth) as well as one Presence SDK feature (Interaction SDK, Movement ...

Moving Oculus Store app to App Lab

Hello,I created an app under Quest (Store) when it should of actually been App Lab. This app is still in Alpha. How can I move this application to App Lab without creating a new application? I'd like to keep the same name, but I'm unable to do so try...

Klmartin by Honored Guest
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What are your future Plans for 360 Videographers

Just curious what your future plans are for 360 Video Developers like me. I have hundreds of thousands of watch time on your platform, but you keep expecting content for free. Pico pays me for content, YouTube pays me for content, but I am thousands ...

How to create an 360 image and 3D effect?

Hi,i saw an interesting video here on how to create a 360° panorama image for VR using Photoshop. You have a kind of panorama template for orientation, on which you can draw. But how do you now create a 3D effect so that it looks like the cube is tan...

360-3D-tests-wuerfel-1.jpg 360-3D-test-wuerfel-stereocop.jpg 2024-01-07_12h48_19.jpg
rene360 by Honored Guest
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Look for trained fighting BOT

Hi everyone,Hope this is the right place to post. I'm looking for some 3D fighting BOT, to import on a project. Is there a marketplace to look for this kind of things? I'm looking for something "trained" maybe with different level of difficulties, an...

Maverik81 by Honored Guest
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Video based AI companion

Make an ai companion from 1000s of video clips of an actor reading lines with green screen. The ai plays these clips in mixed reality 3d in the same position, in response to the users words or actions. It knows the layout of your home, can lean again...

Resolved! How to seat avatars

Hi,I am building an Oculus app where similar to workrooms I want to have avatars seated on objects. I have tried this but the avatar always seems to be standing on the object. I have tried to calculate an offset to compensate but it is inconsistent. ...

brosenoff by Honored Guest
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Chapgpt+ metaverse?

Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have an idea, today ai can create a picture with some key word, ia for music are in development for music it seem. But what about an Ai that would create a virtual world depending of you keyword? Like you type cthulhu, 1...

Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

how to manage Quest 2 via external software

Hello Everyone,I would need information / clarifications about the possibility of managing the Quest 2 through an external interface.In particular I would like to know if there are APIs (or other) that allow my application to:1. install an APK made b...

MTM_A by Honored Guest
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oculus /unattended broken?

a month ago /unattended worked for silent installs. I check back today and it just breaks the installer. making it so you cant go forward in the install process also not proceed with the install.Is anyone else having this Issue?

didyoutry by Honored Guest
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Left controller wont pair to headset

My left controller won't pair to my headset on the app on my phone my right controller works just fine but yet my left won't does anybody know a solution to this problem please I want to go back to a VR content creator but it's hard to do it without ...

Using Quest 2 with classified contend

I am looking for developers to develop the ability to protect the content and disable Wi-Fi for classified project. Users should be allowed to use certain apps only with password and files should be protected for side downloads.

VivenTec by Honored Guest
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Unable to complete device setup on any platform

Hello For months I used developer mode to connect via USB and browse files or manage applications. As of two days ago when connecting the headset to a computer the system would detect the USB device but the oculus app, ODH, and sidequest all will not...

level4 by Honored Guest
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Oculus go controller for sale?

My late father bought me this oculus go headset for Christmas in 2019 the controller went out on me a couple of days ago and they no longer sell replacements ebay has 1 for a 100 dollars but I’m currently in the midst of moving 18 hours across countr...

CntBe2hi by Honored Guest
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