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360 Images Resolution, format and viewer

Hello there!I have looked around for quite a while but I couldn't find an answer. There are similar topics but they are old or unresolved... Sorry for bothering you again with this...What is the maximum resolution for a 360 spherical equirectangular ...

Flipzo_Z by Honored Guest
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How to create an 360 image and 3D effect?

Hi,i saw an interesting video here on how to create a 360° panorama image for VR using Photoshop. You have a kind of panorama template for orientation, on which you can draw. But how do you now create a 3D effect so that it looks like the cube is tan...

360-3D-tests-wuerfel-1.jpg 360-3D-test-wuerfel-stereocop.jpg 2024-01-07_12h48_19.jpg
rene360 by Honored Guest
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