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Payout Account Tax Id Verification Error

For the last week or so, I get the error "Tax ID verification is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." when attempting to setup a payout account in the dev dashboard. This onlys happens for EINs, individual ids don't cause errors. In my c...

Oculus AppLab not paying out to my bank at all

I have not been paid out by my app lab game GetaWay - i have met the threshhold last month which is over $100 and it has not been transferred to my bank account. I am worried that my earnings have been discarded and not properly transferred. Any help...

edivence by Honored Guest
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What are your future Plans for 360 Videographers

Just curious what your future plans are for 360 Video Developers like me. I have hundreds of thousands of watch time on your platform, but you keep expecting content for free. Pico pays me for content, YouTube pays me for content, but I am thousands ...

Je n'arrive pas a acheter un jeux

Bonjour, j'ai entré sur l'application meta quest une carte de crédit prépayée Mastercard Joker et lorsque j'achète un jeux il y a un message qui s'affiche me disant que la carte a été refusé pourtant, la carte est belle et bien activer et elle compor...

MGrognon by Honored Guest
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Customer Cant Complete Purchase

Hello,We received an email from our user regarding an issue they experienced with in-app purchases. What suggestions can we offer to help resolve this issue?"I have installed the mindway app on my quest 3 and tried to sign up to a membership plan usi...

mindwayvr by Honored Guest
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Incorrect Oculus Monthly Statement

Hi, I receive, via email the monthly statements for the sale of our app and for the past two months the statement omits any payout amount. I need an accurate statement so that I can calculate the rev share for the artists we license music from.

Not received June payout

Hi Everyone,I haven't received my payout or remittance report for June which should have come through at the end of last month. I'm above the threshold required to receive a payout. I have been round and round in circles with support (tickets, online...

TheUsual7 by Honored Guest
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Under 18 being paid for applab game

I am trying to setup my payment information for my game so I can be paid, but I cannot get past the first page as when I try to put my birthday, it greys out. I am under 18 so is there a way I can be paid while being underaged? Maybe someone can sign...

not able to purchase games with prepaid mastercard

I purchased a Pre-paid Mastercard and it will not me buy a game. The card has enough funds, is activated and I made sure I put the information from the card in into the Meta store correctly. I have tried both my phone and computer but neither work. I...

Razer09 by Honored Guest
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Get user Info from the app's backend service

Is there a way for the App's server to fetch Quest user ID based on the access token? The flow looks like this1. Client calls the backend with access token.2. Backend calls Quest API to fetch user ID, base on the access token.We don't want the client...

zzzuxy by Honored Guest
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Oculus IAP Issue, OrderID=0 Always!

Hey! I am facing an IAP Issue.When the tester try to test the Oculus IAP and complete the payment.They will receive the order record(with order id ) in the Oculus Order List at the also receive an email from Oc...

Floriisxx by Honored Guest
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How to check a user's app purchase status

My guess (we have not released the app yet, so cannot verify this) :Publishers can view sales reports. exists in the payment_detail SD row section of this report.And, when an app i...