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Payout Account Tax Id Verification Error

For the last week or so, I get the error "Tax ID verification is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." when attempting to setup a payout account in the dev dashboard. This onlys happens for EINs, individual ids don't cause errors. In my c...

Intel Arc A770 support???

Why the heck is Intel Arc not supported?? I want a refund, I want to give back my Quest 2 as the App doesn´t support Intel Arc!! Meta, we NEED Intel Arc GPU support, NOW!!! Just give us the **bleep** support for Intel GPUs and Im happy! OK??

Current state of the native developer SDK?

I'm not clear on what the current state of the Oculus SDK is. I have read they switched over to OpenXR and discontinued the native SDK, but then I see documentation on a PC SDK here: imm...

Resolved! VrApi closes instantaneously ......

I installed the VrApi Capture application on my new PC (ADB is well installed with the last version). The app recognizes my headset, I can locked it and and when I press start, after 1 or 2 second, it closes the app. I did the same install in another...

Data security when using own software

Dear Meta team,I plan to use the Quest Pro for behavioral science. Obviously when using Meta software (e.g., Horizon Worlds), behavioral data of my participants would be processed on Meta servers, which would be a no-go in my work environment (i.e., ...

I cannot connect Quest 2 to Meta developer Hub app

HelloI cannot connect Quest 2 to Meta developer Hub app 3.1.1 (Windows).I have installed the oculus-adb-driver-2.0 from the Oculus siteI enabled Developer modeI am trying different USB ports and cables but it does not work. The headset appears briefl...

jaxx80 by Honored Guest
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RX6600 doesnt supported

When will they add support for RX6600 and 6600XT? It was released nearly 4 month ago but oculus just forgot about it. It has same architecture as all RX6000 series and have performance more than reccomended so that shouldnt be a problem

Skerek by Explorer
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