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Building for Quest 3 only - App Lab requirement

HiI am developing my app to run on Quest 3. I cannot guarantee it runs on earlier versions (Q1 or Q2) but I don't understand the logic. If a developer has to make the app work on older headsets then what is the point if it cannot benefit from the lat...

PWA on Quest

I've been experimenting a bit with PWAs and tried to build and install one on my Quest. I notice some posts here with questions (about failures when following the docs) and I'm guessing the same will happen to me. So far I've tried several utilities ...

Ping data overlay

Hi.Fairly new to development and I am stuck with a project.I am trying to develop a program that displays Network information to the user (ping, jitter, packet loss etc.) . I would like this to be able to run over any 3d application in real time Simi...

Native alternate locomotion solutions

I would love if at the native Operating System level, if the Meta Quest could support alternate locomotion solutions. Take the Kat Walk C2 (which yes, I do have one), if it could network directly to it via their Kat Nexus, you could then go controlle...

Arlen_K by Protege
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Entitlement check failed

All of this morning I'm getting "Entitlement check failed" intermittently and in the MQDH I'm seeing "not published" and published turning on and off randomly? Any idea how and why this is occuring? Thanks


Moving Oculus Store app to App Lab

Hello,I created an app under Quest (Store) when it should of actually been App Lab. This app is still in Alpha. How can I move this application to App Lab without creating a new application? I'd like to keep the same name, but I'm unable to do so try...

Klmartin by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Change payout for USD to EUR

Hello!I have added IAP to my meta quest game but when I check out my payment transfers every payment gets converted to USD.The problem is that I don't live in the US, I live in Europe so the money is completly worthless.So can somebody please tell me...

TMTime by Explorer
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Meta Quest Media Studio - How Do I View Drafts?

I've uploaded a draft video to the Meta Quest Media Studio. The Documentation seems woefully out of date as it references the Go:Selecting "Save as Draft" will allow only other people in your Oculus Organization to preview and review the content in h...

Please let us developers access the cameras

Please permit us developers access to the cameras/pass through texture/mesh. We can make cool mixed reality apps with that. Privacy is not an issue because you can implement a permission that asks the user if he allows it. Many big companies do it li...

Payout Account Tax Id Verification Error

For the last week or so, I get the error "Tax ID verification is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." when attempting to setup a payout account in the dev dashboard. This onlys happens for EINs, individual ids don't cause errors. In my c...

Intel Arc A770 support???

Why the heck is Intel Arc not supported?? I want a refund, I want to give back my Quest 2 as the App doesn´t support Intel Arc!! Meta, we NEED Intel Arc GPU support, NOW!!! Just give us the **bleep** support for Intel GPUs and Im happy! OK??

Current state of the native developer SDK?

I'm not clear on what the current state of the Oculus SDK is. I have read they switched over to OpenXR and discontinued the native SDK, but then I see documentation on a PC SDK here: imm...

Cannot access scene model entities on UE5.2

Hi there,I cannot access the scene model which I previously captured using Scene Capture. For my test, I have added the table of my PC workstation.Following the documentation I have added an OculusXRScene actor and configured it.This has definitely w...

Extended Periods Thresholds

Hello,I am working with a developer who is creating their first VR App/game. When reviewing the VRCs, in particular the VRC.Quest.Performance.1 test case. The expected results readsThe application should not experience extended periods of framerate b...

Build Upload Failed

I am having a problem uploading the latest build for my game to the Alpha channel. I've found several similar posts, but in each of those there's at least some sort of error information. Here's what I get...Not a lot to go on there. In case it's some...


backwards compatibility

would love to see a future interest in developing backwards compatibility between headsets i owned a rift and rift s before and upgraded to a quest 2 but none of the rift games are compatible with the quest. in order to play those same games i would ...