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How do I turn off MSAA dither

Does anybody know what causes the dithering when alpha coverage is enabledIs it a bug?16-18 levels of dithering can be seen on Unity, URP, Vulkan, Multiview AlphaToMask On float4 Fragment() : SV_Target { return float4(1,1,1,TEST); }  


Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset. I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset. The results have been somewhat inconsistent. When paired properly, it should...

Resolved! Quest 2 Power-on requires off/on every time

After the 39 update, when my Quest 2 is powered on, it shows three dots on the screen. Those three dots start to fade and are only slightly visible. Then, you can hear the sound of the home environment, and I can use the controllers to make the blip ...

Game development

A peaceful game where you have to put on a headset while in a headset this game will be about peaceful levels of virtual reality until it takes a big turn virtual reality begins to spill into the real life you have to fight off computerized robots an...

Rift S or Quest 2 for development?

My original Rift is very outdated  Looking at moving forward, would you get Rift S for dev, considering there are going to be a lot of people that still have them, or would you bite the bullet and move to Quest? How long before Meta decides to just ...