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MRUK not found despite it being created...?

I'm currently using Quest 3 v62 (now v63) and Unity 2022.3.10f1.Working on a random spawn mechanic in the MR environment where objects can spawn on the ceiling. The feature worked fine when I tested it on Unity Playtest, but once I built it on the st...

Jimmyd314 by Honored Guest
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Ping data overlay

Hi.Fairly new to development and I am stuck with a project.I am trying to develop a program that displays Network information to the user (ping, jitter, packet loss etc.) . I would like this to be able to run over any 3d application in real time Simi...

Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024

This was a lot of fun last year. This time around there's more of an MR focus (submissions need to have at least one MR capability, like Passthrough, Spatial Anchors, Scene, Mesh, Depth) as well as one Presence SDK feature (Interaction SDK, Movement ...

Please let us developers access the cameras

Please permit us developers access to the cameras/pass through texture/mesh. We can make cool mixed reality apps with that. Privacy is not an issue because you can implement a permission that asks the user if he allows it. Many big companies do it li...

Current state of the native developer SDK?

I'm not clear on what the current state of the Oculus SDK is. I have read they switched over to OpenXR and discontinued the native SDK, but then I see documentation on a PC SDK here: imm...

Launching Meta Quest TV through intents

Hi all,I am trying to have a native application launch the TV app to play a 3D 360 video (I know this may sound unusual, but I really need it to work this way!). For this, I need to be able to trigger an Android Intent with all the information necess...

tazougphi by Honored Guest
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Is Magic Room free to use in Meta Quest Pro?

My company is looking forward to using the Meta Quest Pro for design review purposes.Is the Magic Room feature of Meta Quest Pro a free to use feature?If not, what is its pricing?Also is there some package that I can use to build an application based...

gkay1 by Honored Guest
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Quest Pro Output Fisheye preview with pose

Such as the post's subject title. I am new to quest developer, recently I got my quest pro, and I would like to output the fisheye preview with pose data at the same time. May I know if that is possible? What API do I need to focus on? What platform ...

Which SDK? OpenXR Mobile SDK?

I'm an experienced C++ and Android developer, but new to graphics programming. But that should be OK as my UI needs are minimal.So, if I want to do development for the Meta headsets without the big game engines, it seems that the 'OpenXR Mobile SDK' ...

Renamer by Honored Guest
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Attempting to use federated access for multi platform

I'm trying to get a user to see if it exists using the end point'{app-id}/federated_user/'With an access_token query parameter added to it and persistent_id query parameter added to it, with the app-id replaced with the feder...

tom_fv by Honored Guest
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Unity iOS build error with

Unity 2020.3, iOS build.Oculus Integration 46,XCode 14.iPhone 16.1I am trying to build a cross-platform app. The iOS build includes the Oculus library even though I don't use Oculus functions. In the iOS build, the misses +x attribut...

Rimag by Honored Guest
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Personalized rooms for Horizon Workrooms

Hello all, Is it possible to create personalized rooms for this application? The app already provides some room designs, but we will like to design a specific one (e.g., table, walls, objects). Can we create a room using Unity/SDK/or similar software...

Unity 2018.04.16f and Oculus SDK versions

Hi I'm currently trying to port a VR project built in Unity 2018.04.16f for HTC Vive for Oculus Quest 2. I'm currently running into issues regarding Oculus SDK version being incompatible with my Unity version and replicating the VR interactions in HT...