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Customer Cant Complete Purchase

Hello,We received an email from our user regarding an issue they experienced with in-app purchases. What suggestions can we offer to help resolve this issue?"I have installed the mindway app on my quest 3 and tried to sign up to a membership plan usi...

Getting version of core apps

Hi,I'm currently trying to figure out how to list all versions of an Core App via the GraphQL Api (or some other api).I've found the app ids of the Core Apps (e. g. 519080484913803) However the normal requests you'd use for an app like Beat Saber (24...

Users are having issues with my IAP in my game...

When i tested the IAP button on my headset i was prompted to an oculus payment screen where i paid $.01 for a durable item that will cost users $4.99. For me the payment was successful, but for the users once they put in their pin to complete the pay...

xTravyDx by Honored Guest
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not able to purchase games with prepaid mastercard

I purchased a Pre-paid Mastercard and it will not me buy a game. The card has enough funds, is activated and I made sure I put the information from the card in into the Meta store correctly. I have tried both my phone and computer but neither work. I...

Razer09 by Honored Guest
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app failing to load for a single user

Hi,We have been developing an app and have recently started alpha testing. Most of our testers are in the UK and the app has been running fine, however we have one tester in Bahrain who's app seems to stay on the loading screen (3 white dots) and it ...

Supported Currencies for In-App Purchases

Where can I find a full list of currencies that are supported by Quest for IAP? The docs state that "The IAP item will be converted to the local user’s preferred currency at the time of purchase" but I cannot find a list of:The supported currenciesTh...

vamorafa by Honored Guest
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Preview Apps Not Appearing

I recently got an invite email from my employer to install a pre-release version of a game we're working on. I clicked the link in the email, which took me to a login page. Upon logging in, I was taken to a page that said "Congrats! You can now find ...

Sciion_0-1666916896645.png Sciion_1-1666916896579.png
Sciion by Explorer
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Question about the Rooms and P2P API deprecation

Hello, We are currently developing an application for a customer that uses the Rooms, P2P and matchmaking APIs. We would like to distribute this application to the customer via the RC channel (not the Production one).Unfortunately, we have noticed th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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I want to stop selling my game and delete it.

Hi.My name is David from Studio HG.I want to stop selling my game and delete it. My games are no longer on sale and now I belong to another company, which could be a problem. Can I delete both of these games?It cannot be deleted because it says it ca...

화면 캡처 2022-10-13 152921.png
hanguny by Honored Guest
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Updating Cover Art and visual assets

I see that the submission process has been redesigned so the help documents are out of date on this topic. My team would like to simply update our Store Page Cover Art and assets for a visual redesign but the Oculus Dashboard does not let us submit t...

tsickle by Honored Guest
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New VCR - How to be an approved developer?

The new VCR mentions needing to be an approved developer to be able to publish on Quest store. being said, nowhere does it mention how to apply to become an approved dev. Any information o...

Resolved! How to Download Asset Files not Marked as Required

When uploading a build to the developer hub, you can mark assets as required. If you don't mark assets as required, they will not be downloaded. Are non required asset files never downloaded? Or is there a way to download them. In one of my builds, 3...

Unity with native android UI

I want to make app with two Activities, first - VR mode with Unity, second - with native android ui written in java/kotlin. So I faced the problem that I can't combine these in one app by changing or any other ...

Starting VR Development at a school

Hello there to you all!I work at a technical and vocational school which provides courses in the area of Videogames and we intend to acquire 2 Oculus Quest 2 for development purposes. For the moment I have questions regarding on the account(s) needed...

alexnunof by Honored Guest
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