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People app - access from a computer

Hi everyone, I'm trying to access the Oculus platform, specifically the people app and be able to login a user from the exterior of the headset and use Deep Links to be able to communicate an app with the rest of the metaverse (to any android, iOS, o...

Converting PWA App into Meta Quest APP

I have launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) for my website Then, using PWABuilder, I converted my app into an Android APP and launched the same on the Android Play Store which is live now. I also came across an option on PWABuilde...

Building for Quest 3 only - App Lab requirement

HiI am developing my app to run on Quest 3. I cannot guarantee it runs on earlier versions (Q1 or Q2) but I don't understand the logic. If a developer has to make the app work on older headsets then what is the point if it cannot benefit from the lat...

APPLAB Admin Verification

Hello, im a solo game developer working on a VR game and im trying to publish it with APPLAB but im running into an issue with it every time i submit a legal document for the Admin Verification it gets declined ive followed all the ininstructios all ...

Trying to access an existing organisation

I wish to submit an app for my company though when I click on 'create an organisation' it tells me that 'that organisation is already in existence'. Someone else from my organisation has already created a developer account with it which is presumably...

IanB1000 by Honored Guest
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backwards compatibility

would love to see a future interest in developing backwards compatibility between headsets i owned a rift and rift s before and upgraded to a quest 2 but none of the rift games are compatible with the quest. in order to play those same games i would ...

Add environment variable to the app

I want to add some environment variables to my app, so that before anyone runs the app those environment variables are set to particular values before running the executable everytime. Can anyone suggest a method to do it?

n0ddy by Explorer
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Chapgpt+ metaverse?

Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have an idea, today ai can create a picture with some key word, ia for music are in development for music it seem. But what about an Ai that would create a virtual world depending of you keyword? Like you type cthulhu, 1...

New VCR - How to be an approved developer?

The new VCR mentions needing to be an approved developer to be able to publish on Quest store. being said, nowhere does it mention how to apply to become an approved dev. Any information o...

Resolved! How to Download Asset Files not Marked as Required

When uploading a build to the developer hub, you can mark assets as required. If you don't mark assets as required, they will not be downloaded. Are non required asset files never downloaded? Or is there a way to download them. In one of my builds, 3...

Unity with native android UI

I want to make app with two Activities, first - VR mode with Unity, second - with native android ui written in java/kotlin. So I faced the problem that I can't combine these in one app by changing or any other ...