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Ping data overlay

Hi.Fairly new to development and I am stuck with a project.I am trying to develop a program that displays Network information to the user (ping, jitter, packet loss etc.) . I would like this to be able to run over any 3d application in real time Simi...

Beta Cast 2.0 Wireless, casting longer more laggy

Hi there,Since Meta Quest Developer Hub for Windows fixed non-English Windows can't use cast 2.0.I found the cast stream always get laggy or heavy frame skip at 8 or 9 minutes after cast started, tried all options but no help.I guess it maybe somethi...


We have found an open source called pd-for-android, written in JAVA, that allows to transform analog and MIDI signals into music. Do you know if it is possible to incorporate it into a Quest VR software and be able to play musical notes with an iRig2...

Meta Messaging Dashboard

Will there ever be a dashboard created with Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s and Whatsapp combined? Since Meta owns all these platforms will they ever combine all messages in a singular dashboard for easy access? Instead of opening all the differen...

Nca3001 by Honored Guest
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XR Developers Resource Guide

authorTom/ultimate-XR-dev-guide: A development resource list for all things XR ('ve created this list for personal reference, I hope you find it as useful as I have (I want to give back a little to the community). I have tried to make it ...

how to manage Quest 2 via external software

Hello Everyone,I would need information / clarifications about the possibility of managing the Quest 2 through an external interface.In particular I would like to know if there are APIs (or other) that allow my application to:1. install an APK made b...

MTM_A by Honored Guest
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Video Recording Tools

It would be great to have a few more video recording tools. The most basic tool I'm currently looking for is safe titles. A digital box that would appear when i begin to record and shows me whats in frame and If my headset is level or not. There are ...

ElwoodENT by Honored Guest
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oculus /unattended broken?

a month ago /unattended worked for silent installs. I check back today and it just breaks the installer. making it so you cant go forward in the install process also not proceed with the install.Is anyone else having this Issue?

didyoutry by Honored Guest
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Opening LINKS inside OCULUS from PC QR CODES

Hi! I am working on an application, and I am trying to boost the user experience. My users mainly use the PC to work, but at some point in the workflow they need to use the OCULUS to see some content in an immersive way. I would love to show a QR cod...

Unable to complete device setup on any platform

Hello For months I used developer mode to connect via USB and browse files or manage applications. As of two days ago when connecting the headset to a computer the system would detect the USB device but the oculus app, ODH, and sidequest all will not...

level4 by Honored Guest
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