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MRUK not found despite it being created...?

I'm currently using Quest 3 v62 (now v63) and Unity 2022.3.10f1.Working on a random spawn mechanic in the MR environment where objects can spawn on the ceiling. The feature worked fine when I tested it on Unity Playtest, but once I built it on the st...

Jimmyd314 by Honored Guest
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Hand tracking update root scale not working

I'm trying to use Hand tracking in my app and no matter what the Hand scale stays at one event with a friends hands that are much smaller.After some investigation, and a lot of debugging, I found that the hand scale is calculated for the first frame ...

Building for Quest 3 only - App Lab requirement

HiI am developing my app to run on Quest 3. I cannot guarantee it runs on earlier versions (Q1 or Q2) but I don't understand the logic. If a developer has to make the app work on older headsets then what is the point if it cannot benefit from the lat...

Entitlement check failed

All of this morning I'm getting "Entitlement check failed" intermittently and in the MQDH I'm seeing "not published" and published turning on and off randomly? Any idea how and why this is occuring? Thanks


Moving Oculus Store app to App Lab

Hello,I created an app under Quest (Store) when it should of actually been App Lab. This app is still in Alpha. How can I move this application to App Lab without creating a new application? I'd like to keep the same name, but I'm unable to do so try...

Klmartin by Honored Guest
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Look for trained fighting BOT

Hi everyone,Hope this is the right place to post. I'm looking for some 3D fighting BOT, to import on a project. Is there a marketplace to look for this kind of things? I'm looking for something "trained" maybe with different level of difficulties, an...

Maverik81 by Honored Guest
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We have found an open source called pd-for-android, written in JAVA, that allows to transform analog and MIDI signals into music. Do you know if it is possible to incorporate it into a Quest VR software and be able to play musical notes with an iRig2...

Customer Cant Complete Purchase

Hello,We received an email from our user regarding an issue they experienced with in-app purchases. What suggestions can we offer to help resolve this issue?"I have installed the mindway app on my quest 3 and tried to sign up to a membership plan usi...

mindwayvr by Honored Guest
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Build Support for OVR Lipsync in WebGL

Hello I was trying to build an application using OVR Lipsync in Unity, but it doesn't seem to work for WebGL build. Can someone guide me on how to add this functionality to compile this plugin for WebGL.Thanks.

Resolved! Pose Detection Joint Distance

Hi, is there any documentation on how to use Joint Distance Active State in Oculus/Interaction/Runtime/Scripts/PoseDetectionLooks like I can use it to create two hand poses. Looking for more details on how this works. Also would like to know if there...

Resolved! How to seat avatars

Hi,I am building an Oculus app where similar to workrooms I want to have avatars seated on objects. I have tried this but the avatar always seems to be standing on the object. I have tried to calculate an offset to compensate but it is inconsistent. ...

brosenoff by Honored Guest
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Unity vs Unreal Engine

Hello!I am a beginner in VR development.Which game engine is better between Unity and Unreal Engine for VR development? I am thinking to pick Unreal Engine as it has better graphics. In the future, Unity will have better graphics than Unreal Engine?T...

Few questions on DevOps for Quest 2 with Unity

Hi there!I have been working on an app for Quest 2 using Unity. Myself and 2 others have been using the app lab alpha channel to share and test builds and it has been working well. Now, we are hoping to open up a private beta, but of course still wan...

nerol333 by Honored Guest
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