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Pawn position and orientation in VR in Unreal Engine

Has anyone had a problem running the VR preview in Unreal Engine with player position? Namely, when I start the game and put on the headset (Oculus Quest 2), it happens that my virtual space rotates or moves by certain values. It is extremely importa...

nnnatasa by Honored Guest
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Disable Quest 3 boundary for MR apps

Hi, I have been messing around a big with creating an MR app with passthrough and the Scene API in UE5.2.1. One thing I have noticed is that even though the scene has been set up the user is still prompted to make a guardian when stepping outside the...

had2019 by Honored Guest
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Cannot access scene model entities on UE5.2

Hi there,I cannot access the scene model which I previously captured using Scene Capture. For my test, I have added the table of my PC workstation.Following the documentation I have added an OculusXRScene actor and configured it.This has definitely w...

XR Developers Resource Guide

authorTom/ultimate-XR-dev-guide: A development resource list for all things XR ('ve created this list for personal reference, I hope you find it as useful as I have (I want to give back a little to the community). I have tried to make it ...

Is a Hand-Tracking-Only App Allowed?

In the submission dashboard it's not allowed to select hand-tracking only. One must check both touch-controller and hand-tracking. However in the project setting in Unreal Engine there's an option for Hand-tracking-only or Both. If memory serves, the...

Too Much Shooting! How about REAL LIFE?

Too many of these games require me to shoot things, even racing! For crying outloud, why cant I JUST RACE? Nascar drivers don't go around making laps shooting at other drivers or coins. And when it comes to a lot of the shooting games, WHY 2 HANDS FO...

Anistad by Honored Guest
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Personalized rooms for Horizon Workrooms

Hello all, Is it possible to create personalized rooms for this application? The app already provides some room designs, but we will like to design a specific one (e.g., table, walls, objects). Can we create a room using Unity/SDK/or similar software...