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Exiting WebXR minimizes the oculus browser

We have a product using threejs and aframe. One of the features lets you redirect to a non xr site. For this we call `xrSession.end()` to end the xr and redirect to the new page. This did work up until recently. Now whenever `xrSession.end()` is call...

Is it possible to build a Quest app with macOS?

With the Vision Pro out I know Meta does need developers and I do see Quest 3 as a better value for money. I am curious to know if it is possible to develop Quest 3 apps on the Mac or is WebXR the only path? Tons of developers that are non-game devs ...

jazilzaim by Honored Guest
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Just lost

Hello everyone! I'm seeking advice from someone well-versed in using adb with Oculus apps. Specifically, I'd like to manage tasks such as initiating video recording, capturing photos, and other interesting functionalities. While I've gained some unde...

Hello I'm interested in developing some web-xr apps

I have a quest 2 and have been playing around with the "Meta Quest Browser"Is there a way to get to dev tools inside the headset ? Specifically, I'm interested in the js console.Another question is: Why is firefox browser unavailable ??? I see it in ...

GroG by Honored Guest
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Quest browser crash

Hi all, I'm developing a WebXR experience using three.js. You can click on a number of images to see an associated 3D model and explore it in VR. Most of the time it works fine. However, sometimes when I exit the application it crashes the browser, s...