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Welcome to the Other VR Development forum!

This section focuses on any questions, issues, and challenges regarding development using other engines (Godot, LOVR, custom engines, etc.). When posting, please choose the appropriate label to help others identify which engine you're using!

How are combined between both FFR and multiview?

The documentation says that FFR doesn't work when rendering to a non-main framebuffer. And with multiview, once again, rendering takes place in an intermediate texture array in a separate frame.It turns out that with multiview I immediately lose the ...

orefkov by Honored Guest
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Running Oculus 2 games on android,like pcvr.

Thought I might post this idea here since it's been a week. I recently just watched a video about the new performance boost on quest 2. Gave me an idea in which ( you can see in the title) using our android (gaming) devices to run those games.we can ...

Meta Quest Pro Developers

Looking for a group of developers who are working on projects in Meta's next headset, "Meta Quest Pro". Would love to exchange ideas, talk challenges and gain new insights from other developers creating projects in Meta's next headset. Thanks!

M_DUBBS by Honored Guest
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"Offline" web app on oculus quest

Hi guys, I'm developing three js application (for those who don't know three js is web 3d framework with support for web xr, vr, ar...) and react js. Everything works fine on oculus but I need to have this application in offline mode (without access ...

Meta/Occulus and Java OpenJDK?

A) Would it be possible for there to be an arrangement where an Occulus Quest 2 could run Java software using secure WIFI from a PC, seprately from itself, to support the full capabilities of an Occulus Quest 2 unit, without having to install any Jav...

I messed up..

I choose the wrong option.. What i mean is that: when i connected my quest to my pc to install a program it gave m 3 options to do with the connection: Allow | Dont Show again | No , guess what i choose.. Dont show again. How do

fin_VR by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go + any browser + won't play videos

Apologies in advance I'm not familiar with how things work around here but I was hoping someone could answer if not resolve the issue I'm having whenever I try to play a video in the oculus browser and the Firefox browser. When the video starts to lo...

home camera réel

I would like to know how can I activate the HOME CAMERA REEL, Without the gardian game limite. like to be able to walk off the limite without pop up to ask me to go back in the limite zone.

speedpat by Honored Guest
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