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Instagram and Portal TV Development

Hi all!! Thought you would like to hear my idea for development. I think awesome things to come with Instagram and Quest 2. How about Portal TV behaving like PS VR camera for Quest Headset and Portal TV camera scanning human for Instagram virtual int...

jasemon by Level 2
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Being working on a vr project with the oculus integration version 49 which was release just some few days back. Am using Unity for development. After upgrading to the latest version I tried doing some hand Grab pose but it does not work and keep show...


Stencil Buffer Seems to be disabled on Quest Pro

Hi there, I am making a demo that has a portal in it. I am using a stencil buffer for it. Everything looks great in Unity but when I load it onto my Quest Pro the objects do not get cropped to the portal edges. It's almost like there is no stencil bu...

Tracked keyboard

I wonder if there is a tracked keyboard with nordic layout for Quest 2? Preferebly an all in one. It is hopeless to work when you cannot se what you are doing on the keyboard... I work in Virtual Desktop.

Handtracking - Small hands

Hello!I've been developing for Quest Pro and strictly using passthrough with handtracking. I can't get over how small the handmesh is compared to my hands. I've never realised how poor this scale of the handmesh actually is because in VR you can't co...

Quest PRO Controller has not update and Stucks at 0%

I received my QuestPro controller today and tried to use it with my Quest2, but for some reason it didn't work. I have tried all the solutions I have found on the internet. I have tried all of the following solutions and have not been able to use the...

WhatsApp画像 2023-02-11 18.43.42.jpg

RIFT exe file on Quest 2 issue

Hello,I have a program that was created in Unity for the Rift that I am trying to use with the Quest 2. This is an educational program that I want to test. I can find it through the virtual desktop while linked to my laptop. When I start the program ...

GH001 by Level 2
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Can a sideloaded APK be updated from within quest

Can a sideloaded APK be updated from within quest?I aim to have many headsets installed with sideloaded private apk's and I am looking to see if there is any way that the app can be triggered to updated from with quest.Currently I can only see assume...

Roooooz by Level 2
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Dumbells application

Hello everyone,I was woundering if someone is actualy working on creating a dumbell app?Here is how I would see it:First of all a user would create his avatar, an avatar that looks like those images of body without skin, showing only muscle and maybe...

DDleger by Level 2
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My Quest 2 set recently started showing purple ghosts of objects in my surroundings. They disappear if I put my hand in front of the visor. It is sometimes minimal and at other times so bad I have to stop playing.

Meta/Oculus in 🇮🇳 India! Please

We want oculus services to run in India and we want meta in India So That Everyone in India could afford without the taxes of exporting and importing it it costs ₹15,000 ($200) And For the 256Gb varient it costs ($250) more just for shipping  it wou...

Calibrating position in real space

We're developing apps that work in large real spaces with the guardian system disabled. As such we need to perfectly align the user in physical and real space. To do that, we're using a controller as the calibration point. This requires the user to p...

crossmr by Level 4
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Please impove user experience

I have a meta quest 2 and i must say the accessibility sucks. Please if there is anyone developing the software:1) there is no folder organization. This would help soo much. Some people like to organize aplications and games into categories. 2) no cu...

Oculus link not working

Whenever I try to launch Oculus Link from my Oculus to play games from SteamVR and Oculus, it just gets stuck on the 3 dots loading screen. I've tried updating my drivers, I've tried updating my computer to Windows 11, I've looked up YouTube videos a...

Oculus home errors?

Can get into Oculus home but my custom models (and Oculus home default models as well) won't load all the way (get the red box around them and says GLTF verification failed, check model and try again later). This happened a few months back, lasted ab...

Localization top 10 languages to increase VR sales

Hi, This is my first post in this nice community.We are planning to release our first video app container really soon. "VR Horror Stories" main language is English even if 90% of the video app has no dialog. The VR experience is mostly happening in d...

jayfrog by Level 4
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Disable/Enable Safe Guardian with code

Can I disable/enable guardian through code? My app has passthrough turned on. If a user moves outside the guardian, the VR content disappears. The only solution seems to remove the guardian. In the developer mode, removing the guardian means removing...