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Scale seems off on Quest 3

Hi guys,Grabbed a Quest 3, downloaded my game from app lab and the scale of everything seems about 20% bigger. Most noticeable on the hands for obvious reasons but it seems to be the entire game.Its lik the overall world scale is now wrong.Has anybod...

DPGames by Explorer
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Spatial Anchor not loading after saving

I am using deprecated Methods for creating and loading my spatial anchor in the game. But its not loaded again after saving. I also Update my rig with the building blocks.And in the building blocks Spatial Anchor Core I am not able to get the spatial...

Entitlement checking no longer a requirement?

An Oculus developer support person just replied to my request for help in getting Entitlement checking to work in my app.She suggested that Entitlement checking is no longer a requirement.I have not heard that, has anyone else?Thanks,Larry

ADB with wifi without a usb connection

Hi there,We have a VR project, which requires us to use 20-40 Quest 2s and a mobile hotspot device for a local network. Our project consists of several .apk files installed into our devices, and we use MQDH to send adb scripts so we can launch them o...

ercanert by Honored Guest
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How do you use Unreal Engine Dynamic Shadows?

So I've been struggling to get some dynamic shadows running on my Unreal 5.2.1 project,and I really want to use at least a few of them in my horror game, especially since the Quest 3'sGPU is approaching usable territory in that regard. Unreal's docum...

[Noob Question] Is Native deprecated

I was reading this tutorial seems like the setup progress has changed quite a bit from when the documentation is written. I try to find more resources on it but on youtube it really on...


Unity Quest 3 Game or App Support

Dear Meta Community, I am writing to seek guidance and assistance regarding the development of a Unity VR program for my project, which focuses on a VR rehabilitation system. The project involves the creation of three distinct environments within Uni...

Gsmiga125 by Honored Guest
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Guidance on Excluding Folders from Cloud Backups

I wanted to address a concern regarding the storage of certain files, particularly video thumbnails, on Meta cloud. These thumbnails can be quite large and may lead to exceeding the storage limit for cloud backups. However, thumbnails are not essenti...

zoexring by Honored Guest
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Is it OK to start a Quest 3 projec on Ubuntu?

I just realize that UE5 Meta XR plugin only works on Windows.How about Unity or Native? I want to start my project on Native with OpenXR Mobile SDK (in Ubuntu) if possible but the document seems quite outdated. I even failed to configure Hello World ...

lesomnus by Honored Guest
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Why is there no Translation App in AR?

is there any particular reason this hasn't been done? would be a useful tool to be able to live translate signs and book to your preferred language through the quest's cameras. I scoured the internet in search of any project like this, i tried using ...

zedmo by Honored Guest
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Doubles natively supported on Quest hardware?

Hello!I was curious if doubles were natively supported in hardware, or if there is a performance downside generally for using them. I'm working on projects that would benefit from the added precision for positions and physics but am unsure whether or...

Develop an app on Meta Quest 3

I am looking to develop an app running on MetaQuest3 for agriculture crop issues. The app shall read GPS (reading a Bluetooh GPS advertisement) and display crop info data (retrieved through HTTP + REST) based on user location. Something like this: ht...

Colateral by Honored Guest
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my org

its not letting me verify my org just lemme publish a game 

Bot_vr by Honored Guest
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All in one Package missing prefabs.

I am following the example tutorial for a basic app in Unity. I have followed the example, but when I get to Step 7, adding an OVRCameraRig, the Packages folder is empty. There...

Starter Quest Unity Project

So, one might assume that all Quest projects developed in Unity share 90% of interaction modes and features. I would assume this would mean Meta would have released a starter project that includes all of these.I've found "All In One SDK", but there's...

Looking for 3d CAD files of Meta Quest 3 Controller.

Hi everyone,I'm Felix from Haply Robotics. We specialize in creating haptic force feedback technology that brings a tangible sense of touch to VR experiences. Our work is all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual reality, and you...

HaplyFD by Honored Guest
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OSC/WebSocket/MQTT to Quest

Hi there, I'm trying for a few days to have something working on UE4.27 and I'm hitting a wall. I've made a blueprint where i'm able to receive OSC input data from a remote laptop to a UE4.27 app that then triggers an event (for now print something o...

valfg by Explorer
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Can't apply LocomotionExample scene to my project

Hello all. I am quite new to developing for VR, and have been attempting to work through the tutorials Meta gives for Quest 2 development using Unity. I did the Playground Tutorials (


Removing Users from Release Channel

My org is hoping to do a user test with a demo for our game. For the test, we'd want to add users to a release channel, then after the demo period, remove the game from their device. However, it seems that removing a user from the test channel just m...

Resolved! Your input will do WONDERS!

We are a team of 4 game developers, bringing WONDERS to VR. World’s 7 Magnificent Wonders brought inside 1 VR App for an experience of a lifetime right from your couch. We need the help of this community to guide us in making this idea a HIT.React t...


Recenter view not working correctly

I've been having an issue with the recenter view functionality (holding down the oculus button to recenter the app) not working correctly in builds. When running the app in VR Preview in Unreal Engine, using the oculus button to recenter the app work...