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Problem using airlink

Since upgrading to v54 when I use airlink I see a flickering X and it is blinking continuously. You can see the oculus home, and it works, but this flashing X keeps appearing and disappearing. I can't work Please Help me

Oculus quest pro air link issue

Hi i tried to use air link to connect my laptop with oculus quest laptop specification is i7-12 and geforce 3070ti(laptop). So i think there is no hardware issue.(Actually I used a airlink with my laptop but it cause issue recently)So my situa...

Option to mute ambient sound in link mode

So after a days worth of searching I finally found that Meta has removed the oculus home when you connect a quest 2 to link mode, in my case airlink. What is left is a white room with a grid and a VERY annoying ambient background sound. There is NO W...