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Resolved! Starting another application using intents

I've implemented a native Android plugin that I call from Unity C# script to start another application using an intent like so:Intent launchIntent = context.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(packageName);if (launchIntent != null) { Log.d(...

sebrk by Explorer
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How do you use Unreal Engine Dynamic Shadows?

So I've been struggling to get some dynamic shadows running on my Unreal 5.2.1 project,and I really want to use at least a few of them in my horror game, especially since the Quest 3'sGPU is approaching usable territory in that regard. Unreal's docum...

Different package files for different headsets?

In the meta store, is there a way to upload different package files for different headsets? I want to have a different .package for the Quest 1 and Quest 2+.I have found a sort of way to do it. I can upload the quest 1 version then quest 2 with subse...

Entitlement checking no longer a requirement?

An Oculus developer support person just replied to my request for help in getting Entitlement checking to work in my app.She suggested that Entitlement checking is no longer a requirement.I have not heard that, has anyone else?Thanks,Larry

Unity Build extremely broken

Hello there,I've been making a small VR scene in Unity. Everything is fine when im playing in the editor but when I make a build and load it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub it looks like the pic below! I've tried disabling the lightmaps and make...

PingMS by Honored Guest
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clGetPlatformIDs() failed by Adreno OpenCL sdk

Hello,I am developing on Meta Quest 3 using Adreno OpenCL SDK for programs running on GPU. However, when I try to run the OpenCL examples on Android Studio, there is an error of function clGetPlatformIDs() with error code -1001, saying that the funct...

V63 will end Mobile VR Station modding...

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data So if you didn't know meta had a update V63 to disable all access to Data we must push forward to return BONELAB Modding! If you ...

Removing SharedUserID Flag from a legacy app

Hey everyone,We've got a handful of applications that were developed in the Oculus Go era and has been ported over through the years. Back then, we had enabled the SharedUserID flag (

App can't see its obb file

Hey folks ... looking for any insight here ... we are moving from 4.27 to 5.2 ... everything builds and packages fine through editor ... installing the app and everything shows up correctly under unknown sources, but running the app just gives the in...

daver99 by Protege
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Quest3 timewarp 3 times per frame?

hi guys: I was new to quest3, recently read an article "A VR Frame’s Life" in that article said, "On both Quest1 and Quest2, its per-frame work is split in 2 for latency optimisations, preempting your application usually twice per frame as it runs ev...

leon5842 by Honored Guest
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Publishing android apps on Quest

I want to discuss about how to port android app to Quest. At current state, I can connect my Quest to PC and install the app with Android Studio, that's fine.I have read this article: Meta's CTO explains why Quest has so few Android apps And it state...

Syntey by Honored Guest
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Uploading an Android SDK 34 build

Hello,Due to the other SDKs we currently use, we can't go down to target version 32.The APK build I get works great with Quest 2 if I install it via the developer hub, but there's no way to push it to any release channel.Is there any way to force a b...

umutcan15 by Honored Guest
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scene capture spam an error in the log

Hello,I'm currently working with the scene capture feature ( and i've been able to set it up correctlybut I have a problem with a log which is insanely repeated : Warn OpenXR_Anch...

CorangeD by Honored Guest
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