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how to upload apk and obb that exceed 4GB?

I have read somewhere that meta quest developer only admits apk of 1Gb maximum accompanied by an OBB of up to 4GB, my case is that I have an apk of 50MB and an OBB of 4.20GB, do you know a way to generate 2 obbs or some other method which allows me t...

Finding Loaded APK on Headset

I updated my Meta Quest interface to the most recent version. I uploaded an APK to test a project I am developing. I cannot find the "unknown sources" option in the search bar to find my newly uploaded APK. Where do I need to navigate to, to open it?...

APK No Longer Loading onto Headset

I've been able to package my game many times and drag and drop the .apk into the MQDH and it was working just fine. But today it suddenly stopped working. It shows the .apk loading then says the APK Successfully Installed, but the application isn't t...