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How to remove Quest 1 Support from app unity

Hi,I made an app on Applab and I would like to remove Quest 1 support from the store page. How would I remove Quest 1 support? I would only like to support my app using Quest 2 or pro. I am using the Unity game engine. Is there a screenshot of the ed...

jo78970 by Level 4
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Instagram and Portal TV Development

Hi all!! Thought you would like to hear my idea for development. I think awesome things to come with Instagram and Quest 2. How about Portal TV behaving like PS VR camera for Quest Headset and Portal TV camera scanning human for Instagram virtual int...

jasemon by Level 2
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Sharing Custom app with Customer

Hey all,I am a developer currently making a small app for a customer. I have a quest with developer account and would like to send the app to the customer's quest 2 without them having a developer account. What would the best way to do this? I've see...

Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...

Changing from paid to Free to play

What's the best way to change Quest app from paid to free to play? I want to make sure the users who paid for the app do not lose any functionality which would be available in free to play app for purchase. They should not have to purchase the in app...

Can not modify app metadata

We are requested to change Supported Controllers to get the app approved, but when I open "App Submissions" -> submission -> "App Metadata" -> "Specs" and change something "Save changes" button remains inactive and I see a hint: "This metadata has al...

freemmy by Level 3
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App review taking too long

Hi,I had submitted my App for review in October first week. It shows still under review. I had submitted another app a few months before and the review process happened within 3-4 weeks. But now it seems to be taking forever. Is everyone having the s...

Public opt-in in release channels not working

I enabled "Enable public opt-in" for my ALPHA and BETA release channels, yet I can't find a way that users can opt-in themselves to the app through the Oculus software or website. With a test account, I've tried searching for the app by full name in ...

Meta data approval taking way too long

I submitted for metadata approval for my app in App Lab more than 2 weeks ago. It still sitting in Submitted state which is hurting my apps sales. How long do such approvals take? It used to be a few days but seems like it has become much worse after...

Alpha Channel Apps not showing on tester devices

Have been navigating this issue for quite some time wanted to know if other devs are encountering it as well.- Alpha Channel invites to testers sent, testers never receive email invite - Even if testers receive invites and accept them, preview app fa...

Can we Drop the Quest 1 VRC Requirement?

As Meta how now retired the Quest 1 and is only providing basic updates, can we now drop the requirement to test on Quest 1 to be accepted into App Lab? have a Quest 1 sat in my cupboard...

nickhod by Level 3
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App Lab - Quest 1 Support Required?

Hi, I can't find anything in the VCR requirements on the Oculus website about support for Quest 1 being a requirement. However, I know I've read more than a few times that apps are getting rejected in App Lab due to Quest 1 support. Is this still in ...

App lab testing/ Leaderboards

Hey All, Leaderboards are a major feature in our game and we are currently building for Quest 2 app lab launch.We would like to get a leaderboard testing demo that is private on app lab to make sure everything is working correctly before we launch ou...

Arideus by Level 3
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Resolved! We failed to access your Privacy Policy URL

I received a message from Meta: "In order to continue offering a safe and secure platform, we require all developers to maintain a publicly available privacy policy that clearly articulates your collection, use, and processing of user data and to pro...

AppLab Approval times

Hi - I submitted an app on Feb 17, 2022 ... after 4 weeks i received a change request for the artwork. I re-submitted the next day after changing the artwork, and its been 4 additional weeks now (8 weeks since original submit) and the app just sits "...

App submission fails VRC.Content.1

My app fails app submission due to the following error. I have made app through unity and is completely free. Please confirm that any off-platform monetization of content accessible in this app conforms to the Oculus Bulk IAP or Subscription Licenses...

Resolved! Requesting Microphone Permissions on App Lab

So most threads on this topic are talking about excessive permissions, however I actually need to use the microphone permission. How could I submit my app with microphone permissions, without getting this error?

Pangwen by Level 2
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