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Create test users using Meta-id

As the title indicates, is it possible to create or select test users based on their Meta-id?I want to have my app tested by friendly users before I publish it to the Production Channel, but I don't want them to bother about special user prefixes, em...

Admin verification under review

Hey, I have released an app but my admin verification has been pending since a week. On the website it says that it takes 48 hours. I have tried verifying again by clicking on this link: but now it just r...

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 8.29.21 PM.png Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 8.33.34 PM.png

The system incorrectly closes background programs, video, and sound.

I will use it for work 我會用它來工作I need to switch between multiple apps frequently 我需要經常在多個應用程式之間切換Need to hear all software sounds at the same time 需要同時聽到所有軟體的聲音The new version of the system will automatically turn off background program sounds 新版本系統會自...

SPCA.1 by Honored Guest
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Scale seems off on Quest 3

Hi guys,Grabbed a Quest 3, downloaded my game from app lab and the scale of everything seems about 20% bigger. Most noticeable on the hands for obvious reasons but it seems to be the entire game.Its lik the overall world scale is now wrong.Has anybod...

DPGames by Explorer
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Entitlement checking no longer a requirement?

An Oculus developer support person just replied to my request for help in getting Entitlement checking to work in my app.She suggested that Entitlement checking is no longer a requirement.I have not heard that, has anyone else?Thanks,Larry

Delete a game off applab

so i am trying to delete my game off applab (note: i do not have my org verified), the main reason i want to remove my game is due to the unity download fee (note: i do know that the fee system didnt happen yet) so, when i read the email about how to...

Vr_and_pc by Honored Guest
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App Submission

I submitted my rift app for review by the Meta Quest Store Review Team. The current status is showing that the app is crashing on starting but in my store it is working completely fine. The exact message is "TEST BLOCKER - The app crashes after launc...

n0ddy by Explorer
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Question about Upload App to Store

when I upload the app by ovr-platform-util.exe.the Question is stop at the Retrieving up load files.and when I use developer hub upload the App Package, the page is show me Installing latest can I resolve the question

企业微信截图_17083323905786.png 企业微信截图_17083328168555.png
DaKar321 by Honored Guest
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Preview Apps not being able be installed / not appearing

I am trying to do playtesting using release channels.It is working fine for most of my users, but some cannot install the game. When they go to their "preview apps" section of their account (which is nearly impossible to find), it shows nothing, even...

vrblp by Honored Guest
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How to contact meta support as a developer?

I'm part of a small indie studio and we submitted a game to be reviewed for app lab 7 months ago. Nothing has happened and the game is stuck in review. We've had no communication from Meta, and we fear that something has gone wrong during the review ...

App incremental update problem

Hi everyone, our product is developed using the UE4.27 engine and is packaged as an apk+obb file, with a total size of about 1.8GB. After releasing new versions to AppLab or any other testing channels, users have to update the entire 1.8GB each time....

Unable to update App Lab page

In the overview page for my game on , I'm unable to make any changes to App Lab page. The 'Edit App' button is not selectable and on-hover this message appears: "You have a pending unapproved app submission". It has been ...

JD_VR by Honored Guest
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Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...

Resolved! App crash if load from Alpha channel

Hi all. I have successfully uploaded the app to Alpha channel and passed all the test. But it will crash or only show black screen if load via store. However, there wont't be any problems if I install the same build via Developer Hub. Developed using...

Resolved! Lost Keystore Password

I have been working on a game but can no longer update it because I lost my keystore password, I need a way to change the keystore on app lab or is it easier just to make a new app?

SharkVRYT by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Test User IAP Checkout Flow Stopped Working

We've run into an issue when testing our IAP purchase flow. Up until this week, when we'd click on an In-App purchase (durable level addon), it would open the Meta App Lap Purchase window, where it would give a price and ask to purchase or cancel, th...

Slixton by Explorer
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Quest 3 only apps on App Lab

Hi, are we allowed to submit Quest 3 only apps to App Lab?I ask this as my submission has been rejected due to bad performance, which I think is due to the fact that in 'Blocked Devices' it only lists Quest 1, despite the fact I only ticked the optio...

hass265 by Honored Guest
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Adding a link to from Applab Demo to Full game

Hi. I have a demo on Applab and want to add a button to the UI that sends you to the full game PDP.I am using Unity 2020.3 and Application.OpenURL(""); doesn't do anything in the built demo.Is this pos...

MK1_Dev by Explorer
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Resolved! cant submit app because assets metadata dont save

Whenever I try to add assets, for example, the logo or the cover art, it all uploads fine and I see it uploaded, but then when I click "save changes" it just doesn't save them and instead deletes them, when I try again, it does the same thing. I can'...