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app store review comes back with same error

Hello, I have made multiple submissions of different code of my application and the Meta reviewer keeps coming back with the same error: stuck in loading mode with unity logo in one eye.This however, is not what I can see when I load it from any ques...

Nixer87 by Honored Guest
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App don't start after updating from AppLab

My app I am developing is not starting after an update until we restart the device. We are using Unity 2021.3 with addressables and spliting the app into apk and obb. Seems like the addressables are not correctly found after the update. It happened i...

guila64 by Honored Guest
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Applab Admin Verification

Hey, I'm working on a game right now and I've tried to do verification but a bit back when this was first introduced i was out doing something and i might have submitted a admin verification or not but I never put in a passport, drivers license's, no...

ze0phyte by Honored Guest
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Applab Sales and Wishlists

Hi,I've just published my game on Applab. Where can I see the sold units and wishlits? Some dashboards are hidden because of less than 100 copies sold, but how can I track marketing actions if I can't see the current number?Is there a place/API where...

Cant update applab metadata PDP video

Hello, I have an app on applab, and i want to update the video shown on the PDP, but i cant figure out how to do it. I saw this page, but it seems that is for the Oc...

App lab app guardian recquired

Hello, For some reasons my apps (applab) recquired the guardian to be activated and I cannot launch them without. This behavior is new as it's been working in the past. That's a big deal to me as my customers are not happy. I've done some research in...

How to cancel/edit applab game after submission

I need to make a minor edit, I just submitted it this morning and it says the following while trying to upload a new build “Cannot modify release channel… may not be modified while undergoing initial review”, and the cancel button is grayed out at th...

How to handl 15+ Gb of video files for AppLab?

Hi.I have an app where I used the internal storage /Movies folder to store 360 videos for an app. This was fine when I was developing but now that I would like the app on AppLab this doesn't seem to be a god way.So far I have found that I have to spl...