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Applab Sales and Wishlists

Hi,I've just published my game on Applab. Where can I see the sold units and wishlits? Some dashboards are hidden because of less than 100 copies sold, but how can I track marketing actions if I can't see the current number?Is there a place/API where...

Cant update applab metadata PDP video

Hello, I have an app on applab, and i want to update the video shown on the PDP, but i cant figure out how to do it. I saw this page, but it seems that is for the Oc...

App lab app guardian recquired

Hello, For some reasons my apps (applab) recquired the guardian to be activated and I cannot launch them without. This behavior is new as it's been working in the past. That's a big deal to me as my customers are not happy. I've done some research in...

How to handl 15+ Gb of video files for AppLab?

Hi.I have an app where I used the internal storage /Movies folder to store 360 videos for an app. This was fine when I was developing but now that I would like the app on AppLab this doesn't seem to be a god way.So far I have found that I have to spl...