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Trouble Getting Room Setup to Work with Unity

I followed this tutorial which is pretty extensive to getting room setup data in Unity. I downloaded the github repo with the exact same Unity version, and the room setup ...

meta-xr-unity1.jpg Screenshot 2024-05-16 205704.png

Random players keep joining

I use Photon and Playfab for my game and for some reason a player keeps joining and idk where they are coming from btw there are also multiple of the players that keep creating accounts and they just spawn with their controllers facing forwards and t...

Old Scene Model Loading in APK Built with MRUK

Hi everyone,I'm encountering an issue with the APK I built using MRUK. It always loads an old scene model I previously set up, despite my efforts to delete and reset the room with a new space. The headset continues to load the old scene model.Here's ...

Unity 6000 - Head tracking issue

Hello,After newest version of Unity 6000, i have issue with head tracking.Every time i create new project, import Meta XR All-in-One SDK(Currently 65.0 v, same with 64.0), everything works fine, except head tracking. when i do exactly the same with u...

zursona by Explorer
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V63 will end Mobile VR Station modding...

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data So if you didn't know meta had a update V63 to disable all access to Data we must push forward to return BONELAB Modding! If you ...

Media Projection is disabled on v44

We are developing VR device management system that can monitor VR viewers' screens.we are implementing mirroring function using MediaProjection API, and it worked in v43.However, after updating to v44 it was not working and we found the following log...

IAP. GetProductsBySKU returning 500

Hi, Recently IAP.GetProductsBySKU started failing in Unity app withCode: 20001, HTTPCode: 500, Message: {"error":{"X-FB-Debug":"Qdys/WoLVIZztE3uCQ2y79x2u6OpDuLsmjqeA/hIMC8kYvC1iArjkvnhLYRRhycciBo3z8qpVvWomk1AM4F9hQ==","code":1,"message":"An unknown e...

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 22.22.01.png Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 22.23.43.png
k.617342 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't turn on debug mode

I made added my organization and verified my account but im still unable to turn on debug mode. I've also tried connecting to the developer hub wired and wireless, I am unable to connect through it. The phone app connects fine to the headset and ever...

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-28 at 01.17.55_5429663e.jpg

Cannot get a list of user's friends in a build

Users. is not firing the callback in a build. When we run the game in the Unity Editor, everything works as expected. The editor uses the AppId of the Rift version of the app while the build is running on the headset directly and using the AppID of t...

The system incorrectly closes background programs, video, and sound.

I will use it for work 我會用它來工作I need to switch between multiple apps frequently 我需要經常在多個應用程式之間切換Need to hear all software sounds at the same time 需要同時聽到所有軟體的聲音The new version of the system will automatically turn off background program sounds 新版本系統會自...

SPCA.1 by Honored Guest
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Floor level too high

I am using quest pro and Unity for development. Getting the floor level using OVRSceneRoom.Floor.transform.position.When I am using Unity editor the floor level is perfectly fine. But when I build into apk and install it on my headset, the floor leve...

Unity Build extremely broken

Hello there,I've been making a small VR scene in Unity. Everything is fine when im playing in the editor but when I make a build and load it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub it looks like the pic below! I've tried disabling the lightmaps and make...

PingMS by Honored Guest
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