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Trigger the controller click button

Hello, I just put a Cube on the scene with his Box Collider then I added the Event Trigger > Pointer Click and I attached my public method as you can see below in the picture, but when i try to build and run on my MetaQuest 3 the application works fi...

Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png
Gelso77 by Explorer
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Disable the "Controllers not connected" message

Hi, Please help. I developed an app that doesn't require controllers, hands, or gaze (just relax and watch).But after a while, the users get an annoying "(Right \ Left) Controllers not connected, press any key" popup message at each run. Is there a w...

avivXR by Explorer
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Faulty Meta Products leading to continuous woes

In less than a month I have been through 2 Meta quest headsets, yes 2!First was purchased on April 9, arrived April 10. May 3 the headset melted while plugged in using the charger provided in a good, working socket that has no issues charging anythin...