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Crash reporting seems to have stopped updating?

We were getting a lot of crashes so I uploaded our debug symbols on the last update to try and get a bit more data about what might be going on. It would seem that our latest update drastically decreased the crashes because they went from a couple hu...

Where would the cause for these crashes come from?

Hello, I am the CS manager of a VR game in Meta Quest, and I am trying to help our developers to determine the causes for some crashes appearing in our crash report.In our Crash dashboard we have noticed these two reasons for crashes:Unsymbolicated S...

Disable automatic crash report uploads for my app

Hello, I'd like to know if I can disable automatic crash report uploading for my app. I know it can be done on a per-device basis via the phone app (Devices > Advanced Settings > Automatically Upload Crash Reports) but I need more control than that. ...

valverl by Honored Guest
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