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Different Graphics for Differnet headsets

Hi, I see that some games offer enhancements based off the device they're running off, for example, walking dead saints and sinners offers quest 3 graphics enhancements now while quest 2 uses the old graphics, my question is how do you package two di...

developer verification issue

i recently bought a verifyed buisness for my game, and when i submitted it it said it would take up to 2 days but its been almost a month now and still nothing. I payed 60$ for the buisness I don't want that to be wasted can someone help?

Cant see presence

Trying to add presence platform support, but even though my profile is public and everything it doesnt show where i am in my profile, even to me. in the home menu on another account it says home, but for my main profile it just shows my user name. An...

StuBro by Honored Guest
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App Lab - Quest 1 Support Required?

Hi, I can't find anything in the VCR requirements on the Oculus website about support for Quest 1 being a requirement. However, I know I've read more than a few times that apps are getting rejected in App Lab due to Quest 1 support. Is this still in ...

tasfunk by Protege
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Can‘t confirm my guardian

Hello,So today I wanted to play on may quest 2, so I started it and there was my vicinity but i couldn‘t confirm my guardian. I was stuck for like 20 minutes, I had the hope that it will work, but it didn‘t. What should I do?

Share app for testing

Hi,I've created an app and I want people in my organization to be able to test it with me. I added one person to the organization and she now has the app in her library on the Quest device (headset) and gets all updates as I push them. I have since a...

VR not pair in PC and mobile phone

hello, I have a quest 2 I did everything to pair and start working with quest 2, my quest 2 is paired on the phone, and it could be cast but it doesn't work and is not paired like the below image.  after that, I tried to pair and connect with a lapto...

photo1675600901.jpeg reza_vr_1-1675601446822.png reza_vr_0-1675601438712.png
reza_vr by Honored Guest
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