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Running 2 or more simultaneous VR apps on Quest

Hi everyone, I'm a PhD student working on a Meta Quest app for accessibility. My current pipeline intends to run a Quest app native on-headset, stream a live feed to a PC (which processes some data from the app), then route some data from the PC back...

dkiiro by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Can't turn on debug mode

I made added my organization and verified my account but im still unable to turn on debug mode. I've also tried connecting to the developer hub wired and wireless, I am unable to connect through it. The phone app connects fine to the headset and ever...

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-28 at 01.17.55_5429663e.jpg

The system incorrectly closes background programs, video, and sound.

I will use it for work 我會用它來工作I need to switch between multiple apps frequently 我需要經常在多個應用程式之間切換Need to hear all software sounds at the same time 需要同時聽到所有軟體的聲音The new version of the system will automatically turn off background program sounds 新版本系統會自...

SPCA.1 by Honored Guest
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Meta Quest Link Update from Rift App Link Issue

Hello,With the most recent update from Oculus desktop app to the Meta link app, I'm not sure of the exact date, the following issue happens:If we attempt to establish a rift link with the headset using adb and the presence sensor does not detect a he...

JohnBogey by Honored Guest
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ADB with wifi without a usb connection

Hi there,We have a VR project, which requires us to use 20-40 Quest 2s and a mobile hotspot device for a local network. Our project consists of several .apk files installed into our devices, and we use MQDH to send adb scripts so we can launch them o...

ercanert by Honored Guest
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Unity Quest 3 Game or App Support

Dear Meta Community, I am writing to seek guidance and assistance regarding the development of a Unity VR program for my project, which focuses on a VR rehabilitation system. The project involves the creation of three distinct environments within Uni...

Gsmiga125 by Honored Guest
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stereo audio capture

Hi. I'm a Unity developer. In May 2023 I read"We are beginning to roll out stereo audio for video recording."???On Quest 3 in December, there was a period of a few days where it workedand it made all the difference in my case. I have tried it and it ...

Preview Apps not being able be installed / not appearing

I am trying to do playtesting using release channels.It is working fine for most of my users, but some cannot install the game. When they go to their "preview apps" section of their account (which is nearly impossible to find), it shows nothing, even...

vrblp by Honored Guest
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OSC/WebSocket/MQTT to Quest

Hi there, I'm trying for a few days to have something working on UE4.27 and I'm hitting a wall. I've made a blueprint where i'm able to receive OSC input data from a remote laptop to a UE4.27 app that then triggers an event (for now print something o...

valfg by Explorer
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In UnrealEngine,how to change the motion controller in hand tracking

有谁知道我如何使用 MotionController 根据我的指尖位置进行更改?我发现在这个例子中,当我捡起一个物体时,它会根据手腕而变化,而判断它是否可以被捡起的范围也是基于手腕的,我想把它调整成我的食指尖,这样我就可以最大限度地减少我的手腕不小心碰到其他物体, 现在,我很容易得到离我手腕更近的物体,而不是靠近我手指的物体,我想改变它。

1.png 2.png 3.png
dylis1216 by Honored Guest
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Richiesta di contatto con Mark Zuckerberg

Gentile Supporto di Meta,Mi chiamo Alessandro e sono uno studente presso un istituto professionale.Anche se attualmente sto esplorando varie idee nel campo della tecnologia, ho un forte interesse nel campo della realtà virtuale e dell'elaborazione da...

Beginner Advice: Developing a Camera App

Hi everyone,I am looking forward to develop a Camera App for research purposes.Among the many things, I would like to record 3D videos with the external RGB camera.I am OK with running some terminal commands or enabling developer mode to access the c...

Still not getting verification code for dev mode

Not using incognito, not using VPN, not outside the US, even have adblock off. It just won't send the code. I have it set up with an (FAR MORE SECURE THAN SMS!!!!) authenticator, but apparently that doesn't count for dev account verification.I'm goin...

Setting up 2FA won't send code to phone

Not using incognito, not using VPN, not outside the US, even have adblock off. It just won't send the code. I have it set up with an (FAR MORE SECURE THAN SMS!!!!) authenticator, but apparently that doesn't count for dev account verification.

developer mode wont activate

i made a developer account, i turned the developer mode on on the mobile app and it wont activate on my meta quest 2. when i connect it with a cable to the pc there is only usb file transfer notification no usb debugging.i have adb drivers installed....

Getting an error in the console

HelloI am writing on behalf of our development Sugar Mess - Let's Play Jolly Battle VR-game team. We've faced a problem. We are getting an error in the console:DllNotFoundException: AudioPluginOculusSpatializer assembly: type: member:(null) ONSPAudio...