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Emperor's Vigor Tonic Reviews: Should You Buy?

What is Emperor's Vigor Tonic?Emperor's Vigor Tonic is a nutritional supplement marketed primarily to men with erectile dysfunction. Each capsule of Emperor's Vigor Tonic contains a blend of ingredients designed to support sexual function in differen...


OVR Metric Tool + AirLink do not save metrics

Dear Quest development community, I have an issue when using OVR Metric tool with AirLink.OVR Metric tool is correctly installed and I am using it through the Meta Quest Developer Hub. Everything is fine, when I am using it with a VR app running on t...


Unable to turn on Developer Mode

I'm not able to turn on Developer Mode on the meta quest app. When i try it comes up with error message "We are having problems with loading this. Please try again!"I've verified my account with 2FA and recreated organization but I'm still not able t...

Rockryder by Honored Guest
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ADB with wifi without a usb connection

Hi there,We have a VR project, which requires us to use 20-40 Quest 2s and a mobile hotspot device for a local network. Our project consists of several .apk files installed into our devices, and we use MQDH to send adb scripts so we can launch them o...

ercanert by Honored Guest
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Developer testing

How do I get an invite to test developers apps? I’m looking to LIV for iPhone among others. I use my quest for boxing workouts mainly but I would like to see what else is out there!

Preview apps don't appear

Hi everyone,I just accept the mail in order to see my preview app and once I did this, I received a "congrats screen" but on my quest 2 I can't see the app.¿Can you help me with the problem?Note: I configurated the developer mode and pair the quest w...

Developer HUB: OVR Wont install

We are currently trying to port our current indie game to Meta Quest and would like to run performance tests here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Developer Hub does not seem to be able to enable OVR on the Quest. As soon as we press OVR Metri...

My apps no longer open (Developer mode)

Hello everyone, today i discovered that many of my applications developed with Unity no longer open, some do not start at all, in others only the black screen appears. Now the apps have been installed on different devices and different accounts.the p...

Argan93 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 does not showing up on PC whil in dev mode

My Problem:when I try to connect my Quest 2 to the PC (Win 10) while dev mode is on and allow to access data, it does not showing up as device. I tried every solution last 2 days and nothing seems to work (including updating all drivers). However my ...

tseghus by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unable to save anchors

OVRAnchor.Save() always returns false, indicating failure.I'm using the SpatialAnchor example scene from the Oculus Integrations package.Passthrough is working, and anchor creation is working.-Unity 2022.1.16-Oculus Integrations v43-Oculus Quest 2 (d...

App submission fails VRC.Content.1

My app fails app submission due to the following error. I have made app through unity and is completely free. Please confirm that any off-platform monetization of content accessible in this app conforms to the Oculus Bulk IAP or Subscription Licenses...

Klraex03 by Honored Guest
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Can't Turn On The Development Mode

I'm having this problem for three days in a row now.When I'm trying to turn the dev mode on, a message appears that says "We're having a problem loading this. Please try again".I have no idea why this issue happens. Couldn't found a solution yet!

Noa.1000 by Honored Guest
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