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Developer Mode

I posted this in reply to another thread, but realised afterwards that that issue was marked as resolved, when it clearly isn't.I have a Quest 2 and a Quest 3, and I'm attempting to create an app, so I need developer mode enabled. Developer mode is w...

developer mode

when i try to enable dev mode it says were having problems loading this please try againi have contacted meta quest support and they just send me the same steps none of them works

YEBAL by Honored Guest
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Developer Mode Quest Pro

Hey I bought a Meta Quest Pro because I would like to develop some small projects for these glasses. I'm also very excited about the device, but I've already encountered a more or (I hope) less big problem pretty quickly and hope you can help me her...

KaroGr by Honored Guest
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2FA and Developer account

Hi!I have a problem. 6 or 7 months ago (I can't remember it clearly) I added an organization and tested it. I could use developer setting so I installed an app with side quest.but after this time, I signed to my account again to install our first app...

AYekta by Honored Guest
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Developer Mode Phone Verification Not Sending

I want to be able to make some games in vr and play them on my Quest, but whenever I try and verify my Developer account by text, the text never sends. No matter what phone I use, it just won't send. I could really use some help, I've been stuck on t...

Quest Pro - Developer mode issue

Looking for help in getting the Quest Pro into developer mode. I have allowed the developer mode on the MQDH mobile app and within the headset however when I plug the USB-C cable into any computer it makes the noise as if something has connected but ...

Error in mobile app when try to set developer mode

I cannot set developer mode after doing a factory reset on my Quest 2. I'm having the black screen issues, so I did a factory reset to try to solve it. But it doesn't help and now I'm trying to get developer mode to disable proximity sensor, but when...

alexpfba by Honored Guest
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Can't switch Quest 2 to developer mode

Following an update for the quest 2, developer mode was disabled and can no longer switch back to developer mode in either the MQDH or the Meta quest app. An update on this issue would be much appreciated

Unreal engine 5.0.3 black screen in-game

i have loaded up the VR sample map and got the game to be packaged and sent to the quest 2. when the quest 2 loads the game i can hear the fire in the level and teleport around. i can also use the oculus button to bring up the menu. i can't see the m...

Our org's apps not visible on Quest 2

Hey there, We are trying to set up a headset for one of our clients, but have found that this particular headset refuses to display any of our organization's apps, while our other headsets do so flawlessly.The account involved has full access to our ...

No Developer Mode on Quest or Rift

Been trying for 7 days now- numerous emails back and forth with tech support 1 Quest 22 RiftsIphone About ready to give up. Was going to teach VR with Unity and Oculus, but only thing students have learned so far is that if you want to be a developer...

kentga67 by Protege
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Developer verification not coming up on app

I've verified my developer account, and made an organization, ect. But when I try to turn on developer mode on my ios app, it just said "To enable developer mode, join or create an organization and then verify your account." Then has a "Get Started b...

xxxxhixxx by Honored Guest
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