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Development of Metaverse Controllers

I have developed a metaverse controller that simultaneously controls spatial computing devices like Quest and is compatible with controllers of all platforms, available in two types: portable and board. It features an innovative input method where to...

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Quest 3 Seated Calibration Problem? Please help

We've noticed bad reviews coming in because Quest 3 users aren't auto calibrated in our game, which uses a seated position. It works just fine on a Quest 1 and 2.Has anything changed on the Quest 3 regarding calibration that we're not aware of?Any he...

tasfunk by Protege
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Unreal engine 5.0.3 black screen in-game

i have loaded up the VR sample map and got the game to be packaged and sent to the quest 2. when the quest 2 loads the game i can hear the fire in the level and teleport around. i can also use the oculus button to bring up the menu. i can't see the m...

Our org's apps not visible on Quest 2

Hey there, We are trying to set up a headset for one of our clients, but have found that this particular headset refuses to display any of our organization's apps, while our other headsets do so flawlessly.The account involved has full access to our ...

Casting from Q2 to phone on secondary account?

My partner is the Admin/primary account on the Quest 2. He can connect his phone on the app and cast just fine, so I can watch him play from his phone. But if I want to play on my account, the secondary, he can’t watch me play.We can’t cast via my ac...