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Running 2 or more simultaneous VR apps on Quest

Hi everyone, I'm a PhD student working on a Meta Quest app for accessibility. My current pipeline intends to run a Quest app native on-headset, stream a live feed to a PC (which processes some data from the app), then route some data from the PC back...

dkiiro by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Starting another application using intents

I've implemented a native Android plugin that I call from Unity C# script to start another application using an intent like so:Intent launchIntent = context.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(packageName);if (launchIntent != null) { Log.d(...

sebrk by Explorer
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[Noob Question] Is Native deprecated

I was reading this tutorial seems like the setup progress has changed quite a bit from when the documentation is written. I try to find more resources on it but on youtube it really on...


Tracking confidence for Touch Plus controllers?

Hi.I'm currently exploring the possibilities of an app using Simultaneous Input on Quest3. It's a use case anyone could think of, but I'm experimenting with using the controller as a 6DOF tracker for tracking real objects. However, as one would expec...

gedo831 by Protege
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creating custom home environments

Hi there,i wanted to create my own cutom home environment and try to figure out how to do it properly.I found a tool on Github where you can turn a gltf scene into an apk. but i would like to use Uneal or Unity to have more controll over the outcome....

Skib1 by Explorer
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Passthrough Windows

Hello. I want to create a window with a material that uses Passthrough following the documentation, but I can’t find the material that the documentation says “PokeAHoleMaterial”. I am using 5.1.

mrclcoupe by Honored Guest
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Deploying different builds by device type

Is it possible to deploy multiple versions of an application targeted towards different devices? ie, So that a Quest Pro, or Quest 2 or Quest 3 get served different versions of a particular app? I would use this for differentiating graphical fidelity...

MAXARTCO by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 not authorizing adb wifi connection

Meta docs and many forum posts seem to indicate that it is possible to connect adb to a Quest 2 over WiFi, as it is to older Oculus hmds. But it is not working for me.I am on a Win10 laptop. When I connect the Quest 2 via usb, it presents an authoriz...

Oculus Mobile SDK Mac Apple Silicon

It shows on the documentation page of system requirements that if we're using Mac OS x86, architecture is needed. Can we work around that by using Rosetta translation?Also, can the be run on an Android phone emulator (even if it won't look good and w...

Record and Replay hmdData and controllers

Hi, I am working on a project where I would like to save the handDataSources and the hmdData in order to be able to replay what happened in the scene. ( easier than recording each object I would only record the data from the headset).Does the oculus ...

aandryyy by Honored Guest
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Web Tasks no longer close properly

We are launching a web task from our native VR app as described here: Until recently we were able to close the web task and activate our app via an intent by redirecting the browser to our cust...

GeeHerman by Honored Guest
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Rotating child of held object using hand tracking

Background: I am attempting to create a rubiks cube that is interacteable with the quest's hand tracking The issue i am having right now is that the OneGrabRotateTransformer that constrains an to only a rotation in one axis does not seem to work when...

qilliz by Honored Guest
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