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Eye tracking information

Hello,How can I access the information obtained through eye tracking in the Quest Pro?What information does it include? (Including eye position, pupil size, pupil center position, eye openness, gaze position)?What is the frequency of the measurements...

Eye Tracking Data

Hi,I'm currently working on a project and hoping to retrieve data from eye gaze. I'm looking to utilize eye gaze for controlling an interface, requiring the data for tasks such as selection or button pressing. If anyone has alternative methods to ach...

Is it possible to detect when crossing eyes?

Hi,In Meta Quest Pro, Unity (2022.2.11) and latest Quest Integration plugin (50),Is it possible to detect if player is crossing their eyes?My test was to add OVREyeGaze to two objects (each set with its corresponding Left/Right eye value), placed the...

guywald by Honored Guest
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Launching Eye-tracking Calibration remotely

Hi!I work for a research institute where we're planning on using Meta Quest Pro headsets to run a study involving eye-tracking. To get reliable eye-tracking data, we need to calibrate the device for each participant individually.Is there a way to do ...

"Eye tracking enabled" always returns true

I've been using eye tracking successfully for some time. However, we're developing a fallback for devices without it, or it hasn't been authorized by the user, and the api doesn't seem to behave as expected.OVRPlugin.eyeTrackingEnabled returns true i...

EyeGaze HeadSpace not working in builds

Heyo yall,I've been messing with Eye tracking lately and I'm trying to get our avatar's eyes to move using the EyeGaze system. This seems to work perfectly in editor (Unity). I've got it set to HeadSpace mode and the eyes follow where the user is loo...

OwlShaun by Honored Guest
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Eye Tracking Sampling Rate of Meta Quest Pro

Hi,has anyone here more information about the maximum sampling rate of the eye tracker of the Quest Pro? I think about getting one for my research, but the knowing the specs would be crucial before buying one.Cheers and thanks in advance!Nik

maker99 by Honored Guest
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