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Quest Pro Controller Tracking Issues and Fix

I had a tracking issue with quest pro's controllers. There was about 11" of offset between the real ones and the virtual display. BIG difference!After multiple resets nothing changed. I was getting very frustrated and was about to do a factory reset....

mreimer by Level 5
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Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...

Forced update ruined headset

Before the most recent update, my headset worked fine but thanks to your forced update the guardian system no longer works and has completely ruined VR for me, I will be throwing away my headset thanks to your useless, patch notes-less **bleep**e upd...


Being working on a vr project with the oculus integration version 49 which was release just some few days back. Am using Unity for development. After upgrading to the latest version I tried doing some hand Grab pose but it does not work and keep show...



Today I suddenly cannot play Beat Saber without logging into a Meta account and registering my device. I do not want to play games with my real name. I do not want all my social media accounts tied together. Everyone I know doesn't need to see every ...

trinzia by Level 2
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Virtual Glasses

If all glasses do is warp the way that light hits our eyes to make our vision clearer, then do you think it would be possible to code a VR headset to take a glasses prescription and change the way it presents images to mimic the glasses and clear the...

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 should be supported for oculus asap, anyone with it who wants to play computer vr most likely doesn't want to upgrade or can't due to money issues.

Ability to adjust recording camera position

I'm not sure if there's already a thread out there for this. I enjoy playing BeatSaber a lot, and have recorded a bit in the past on the headset. I'm glad that the feature was added to add additional aspect rations for recording (and stability, which...


So this happened while I was playing on my quest 2, with full battery, charged controllers, and the latest software update. I was playing the amazing game known as COMPOUND, a 90s style hardcore rougelite shooter, rougelite meaning NO save files whic...

Mnning by Level 2
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Frequent lagging/crashing in a world

The games I play in VR are Murder Mystery 4, Magic Freeze Tag, & Prison Escape where not even an hour has gone by in the round and I lag then crash where I'm taken to my home world and have to go back into the next game where it repeats all over agai...

Oculus home errors?

Can get into Oculus home but my custom models (and Oculus home default models as well) won't load all the way (get the red box around them and says GLTF verification failed, check model and try again later). This happened a few months back, lasted ab...

Disable/Enable Safe Guardian with code

Can I disable/enable guardian through code? My app has passthrough turned on. If a user moves outside the guardian, the VR content disappears. The only solution seems to remove the guardian. In the developer mode, removing the guardian means removing...

Downgrading firmware for device management use

We are developing VR device management system that can monitor VR viewers' screens.However we are experiencing problems with our mirroring feature that worked in v43 with the v44 firmware (inquired about in another post) and would like to temporarily...

Cannot disable Guardian anymore

Some serious issues here on a couple of Quest units (one with v34, the other with v35)Once I turn Guardian off in the Developer menu (BTW, congrats for messing the UI up in v35...) I can still see the boundaries and as soon as I walk outside passthro...

Virtew by Level 3
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Resolved! Disable account sign in while developing

Hey all,I'm hoping to find a way to disable the account sign in on a quest 2 while developing on it.I am finding it quite tedious to hit the sign in each time I put the headset on to test something fresh while developing. Is it possible to disable th...

Casting from Q2 to phone on secondary account?

My partner is the Admin/primary account on the Quest 2. He can connect his phone on the app and cast just fine, so I can watch him play from his phone. But if I want to play on my account, the secondary, he can’t watch me play.We can’t cast via my ac...