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V63 will end Mobile VR Station modding...

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data Meta had to keep people away from Android/Data So if you didn't know meta had a update V63 to disable all access to Data we must push forward to return BONELAB Modding! If you ...

6 Month Feedback - Sailboat use review

I use my headset on a Sailboat and in a marine environment - which is exposed to dynamic motion ALOT. hahaI left a couple of notes here - sadly - I feel they may become lost to the ether, but so be it. C'est la Vie. WebsiteI am happy to say - that wh...

VIPYR by Honored Guest
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PTC v66 Problems

PTC v66 issues on Quest 31. noticable increase with massive heat and fans on right upper side now2. spontanious shut down with black screen and no led indicators on front,,,, remove headset and reinstall on head and recovers3. keyboard not summond wh...

Wmillette by Honored Guest
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Inquiry regarding app content ratings

Hello,We are NEWBASE, a South Korean company running the Medicrew app, a medical educational game, on Meta Quest. We are updating the app with new content, but we have some concerns regarding potential issues with content ratings.The new educational ...

ricky7243 by Honored Guest
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Asking for reviews on the product Meta Quest 3

To The Developer of the Community, Meta Greetings, I am very honored to be a member of the big community. Actually I am here to get a feedback which I am going to ask you. I am immensely impressed for reviewing the product Meta Quest 3 on my tech new...

Rolando24 by Honored Guest
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The system incorrectly closes background programs, video, and sound.

I will use it for work 我會用它來工作I need to switch between multiple apps frequently 我需要經常在多個應用程式之間切換Need to hear all software sounds at the same time 需要同時聽到所有軟體的聲音The new version of the system will automatically turn off background program sounds 新版本系統會自...

SPCA.1 by Honored Guest
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SDK for Panel apps?

Hello, I am requesting that we get access to SDKs that allow one to develop native panel apps.Most apps/games on the platform are immersive apart from the OS apps. Since I learned that we can install android apps I find the quest to be more enjoyable...

Tracking confidence for Touch Plus controllers?

Hi.I'm currently exploring the possibilities of an app using Simultaneous Input on Quest3. It's a use case anyone could think of, but I'm experimenting with using the controller as a 6DOF tracker for tracking real objects. However, as one would expec...

gedo831 by Protege
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Petition to allow developers access to camera feed

I know that Meta says that for privacy reasons developers can't access the camera feed but without direct camera access it is almost impossible to develop a good mixed-reality app.If the developers are unable to see what the user is seeing how are we...

Where's the Fiducial Marker Support?

Seriously, no raw data access to the camera, depth sensors, okay. Then why still missing built-in fiducial marker support like AprilTags or arUco in the SDK? Registration is such a core functionality when dealing with MR apps, and cannot replaced wit...

Hand occlusion with hand tracking

Basically, just use the vr hands (that are tracking on the real hands) as a mask to not show the menu when you hold your hand up in front of something digital (in mixed reality). You could make this a setting or not. This was done in the game "vr han...

Please bring back health connect or add fitbit

My wife and I use fit bits for daily activity and exercise and I was excited to add it to my quest 3 but found out the health connect app is no longer an option to sync. Please bring this back or integrate proper fitbit support like some of the fitne...

Mapping entire house rather than single room

I don't have a massive house, but have found it rather annoying having to remap every time I use the Meta Quest 3 in a different room.Is it possible to either have multiple boundary's (as it often will recognise if you are in the same one) that you c...

Preview Apps not being able be installed / not appearing

I am trying to do playtesting using release channels.It is working fine for most of my users, but some cannot install the game. When they go to their "preview apps" section of their account (which is nearly impossible to find), it shows nothing, even...

vrblp by Honored Guest
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Resolved! IAPs Not working second time

I have a consumable item setup in my Meta Dashboard and have it implemented in my game. When you go buy it in-game for the first time, the pop ups to purchase appears and you can purchase it. Then the next time you try to purchase, there's no popup. ...