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My App no longer works after Quest 2 software update

My app was working fine until I updated to the latest Quest 2 headset software. I have the same issue with 3 other headsets after I updated to the latest software. When I attempt to launch the app I developed, it goes black and then bounces me back t...

EJMB100 by Explorer
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How to PREVENT Meta's updates on Meta Quest Pros & 2s

Dear Meta, I am one of developers using multiple Meta Quest Pros and 2s.Is there a way for us to configure the headset such that Meta's OS updates do NOT happen automatically (e.g. Meta's recent v54 update disabled controllers and suddenly broke our ...

edike65 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unity App Crashing on Quest

After building our metaverse application and not having tested in a while, it seems to not be running and instead crashing on each launch. Oculus firmware 50 seems to be the cause of this. We are using 2021.3 LTS and IL2CPP with Arm64. The error is a...

Terrible Performance on Firmware 50

Hi, we are using 2021.3.22 f1 and our main scene with the majority of meshes is performing terribly. This seems crazy to me that Meta would release a firmware update like this that affects every developer's apps. I saw a few others have the same issu...

Performance Issues after Firmware 50 update

We had some huge performance issue on new firmware update with our store apps. I would like to double check if someone else here got the same problem. Our 72fps apps running down to 8-40fps and spacewarp going crazy. Even our R&D apps running low aft...