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Help regarding boundary system for mixed reality

Hi a few questions regarding the boundary system.We are a startup company that wants to create Mixed Reality applications for the Quest 3. These applications are typically used in large open spaces like museums/castles. To make these applications wor...

Disable guardian in passthrough mode

We have an app that has passthrough enabled at all times so you can walk around your location and add virtual items to the real world. However, the player is required to travel across far distances in real life while using the app.Is there a way for ...

Guardian boundaries are displayed with a delay

Hi,I have 2 Quest 2, and the same problem appears on both of them : Guardian displays the boundaries with a 0.5s to 1s delay. This delay is very noticeable with fast movements, and it is extremely dangerous. I almost broke my hand 3 times because of ...

App lab app guardian recquired

Hello, For some reasons my apps (applab) recquired the guardian to be activated and I cannot launch them without. This behavior is new as it's been working in the past. That's a big deal to me as my customers are not happy. I've done some research in...