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Oculus Integration hand grab not working

I set rigidbody,box collider,hand grab interactable,grabbable,interactable group view and interactable debug visual to a cube. When my hand reaches the cube and grab it, the color of the cube changes, meaning that the cube has detected grabbing behav...

kobe972 by Explorer
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Unable to use the hand tracking menu function

I found a few posts asking about this but none of them went anywhere or solved the issue. Your left tracked hand has a menu function that loads up on a small circle. Is there any way to actually use that in app? Is there a callback or a button press ...

How to get the poked point in OVR handtracking?

I want to add a screen(actually cube) im the scene, and when I hand pokes the screen, it will store the poked coordinate of its local system in a variable.How to get the coordinate when it is poked?I can't find any API to do this.Background:Gonna to ...

kobe972 by Explorer
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Handtracking app - true recenter API for Unity

Hi all! I'm making an hand-tracking game as a seated or standing experience.While standing, the user sometimes move around a bit, after time its offset causes the game to act weird for obvious reasons. While recentering with controller is very easy a...

Metzada by Honored Guest
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