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Developer HUB: OVR Wont install

We are currently trying to port our current indie game to Meta Quest and would like to run performance tests here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Developer Hub does not seem to be able to enable OVR on the Quest. As soon as we press OVR Metri...

Instagram and Portal TV Development

Hi all!! Thought you would like to hear my idea for development. I think awesome things to come with Instagram and Quest 2. How about Portal TV behaving like PS VR camera for Quest Headset and Portal TV camera scanning human for Instagram virtual int...

jasemon by Level 2
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64gb model upgraded to 128gb

Now i understand that if meta were able to do this they would drastically lose money but it’s a real pain for the 64gb users when they had to realise they can’t upgrade for a 128gb model, we should have an option to so then it’s equal and no one want...

Stuck at pairing

I had 5 Quest 1's. Did a factory reset on them to pair with a new tablet. Only got 1 to pair successfully. RMA'd the remaining 4 to Oculus.Just got a refurbished unit back and it also stops at the pairing screen. Tried to pair with phone with the sam...

Quest PRO Controller has not update and Stucks at 0%

I received my QuestPro controller today and tried to use it with my Quest2, but for some reason it didn't work. I have tried all the solutions I have found on the internet. I have tried all of the following solutions and have not been able to use the...

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Quest Pro controller Tracking frequency and Latency

What is the tracking frequecy of quest pro controllers, and position update latencyi.e how many time a second controller updates its position using camera based tracking and what is the Latency.I really appreciate if any one can help me with this, as...

badnpro by Level 3
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Native support for ODT (omnidirectional treadmills)?

Hello! Can an update be released that enables native support for for omnidirectional treadmills (the Kat Walk C2 for example), so our Quest headsets and the games in them directly work with ODTs, without needing a a PC to host. Just direct functional...

ark1701 by Level 3
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Quest 2 Problematic Bluetooth

I've been having issues with the quest 2 Bluetooth. I'm trying to develop a sensor to feed data into the quest and display it in a game. The sensor pairs well with both android and windows devices, but not so much with the quest. When I attempt pairi...

mberna by Level 3
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Background application to control charging

Hey! I am gonna be buying a quest 2 soon. But I really don't want to deal with charging the battery. I want to keep the battery between 20%-80% charge (The level of charge in which the least amount of damage to the battery over time is done) So I was...

Sa1tine by Level 2
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How Do I Get unity build on Oculus Desktop

Super beginner question, so I have unity VR build and I am able to upload my apk file to my oculus quest 2 directly. But I want to be able to play this game as a build on Oculus desktop. Is there a way to do this? Do I need to make it a standalone ap...

Any in-game multiplayer network failure

Any and every game's multiplayer network is giving me the error, "failed to connect." Tuesday of this week, my quest worked normally. Wednesday I tried to log on to play Cook-out with my wife and the network failed to connect. This seemed strange to ...

Requiring user/player to lay down

Hey, I'm working on a prototype user experience targeting the quest. I'm playing with the idea of having the user lay down to play, I was wondering though would this be allowed if I want the app to have a chance to suceed? Does anyone else know if th...