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Horizon Worlds Link to Unity Game

How can I make a link from within a Meta Horizon World to a Meta-approved Unity-based game without the "quit app?" message being displayed?My Horizon World will be a meeting place for experiential time travel adventurers.All that's required is a Meta...

Importing Models Into Horizon Worlds

Is there a way to import a prebuilt Sketchfab model into the current World Building environment in Unity format?If so and once it is in my inventory, will I be able to modify it with the tools available within the HW app? John Arborfield

Horizion worlds streaming computer

I have an idea for Horizon Worlds I'm just curious since I'm a content creator and have been a beta tester and love the application but I'm curious if we will ever get to stream our computer to the app so it's easy for us to have shows such as live D...

Connecting with Horizon Worlds Staff

I have been playing Horizon Worlds for a few months now and I love it. There is so much flexibility and creativity. I really see the potential for large-scale adoption. I have a few ideas and pieces of feedback I would like to give to the staff as we...