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APK No Longer Loading onto Headset

I've been able to package my game many times and drag and drop the .apk into the MQDH and it was working just fine. But today it suddenly stopped working. It shows the .apk loading then says the APK Successfully Installed, but the application isn't t...

Unable to install Oculus App

hey, my game won't install, and I can't even delete the game the game is beat saber demo this is really bothering me, and I can't even play games that I bought I also try turn off my vr and did the robot restart thing and it won't work I don't want t...

Adb shell start - how?

I can successfully install my (unity developed) myapp.apk file onto the Quest 2. Two issues:1. Where does adb actually put the app?2. I want to be able to start and restart my app at will. I can "adb shell" but when I run "start" it requires root. So...

Strogman by Explorer
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